Corey Perry fights robots.

Earl Sleek linked this over at BoC yesterday and I saw it on Puck Daddy too.  I think it needs some love on Anaheim Calling as well.  It's a good non-hockey story and evidence as to why the aloof and disinterested Corey Perry is still a fan favorite for a lot of us (myself included).

Suzanne Broughton, who blogs for the OC Register has the story of her meeting with Perry at the "Disco Ducks" fundraiser.

Before I start, I hope that everyone has seen the Ducks kid's kit that features, among other things, an almost lifesize (it goes to 6'0".  Perry is listed at 6'3" AND he's wearing his skates) Corey Perry poster/growth chart.  Perry looks about as menacing as I think he can pull off in the picture. 


I've never  been to any of these "meet the players" type events (though accosting players in the dinning rooms of chain restaurants, I've done to death), so I was excited to go with my friend Sara.  Yes, I was there to work--so I had my Flip, my notepad and my camera--but I also wanted to tell the notoriously indifferent Corey Perry the following story and so, while in the V.I.P lounge I did tell him and his sweet girlfriend the robot story and this is how it went.

Me: "Hi Corey." (Blah. Blah. Introduction. Blah.)  

Perry: "Hi."

Me: "My 5-year-old son has that HUGE 6 ft poster of you from the Kids Club Kit in his room and every night he says he's not afraid because he knows you (Corey Perry) will protect him from the bad guys and monsters."

Perry: (Forcing half smile.) 

Girlfriend: "That's so cute!"  

Me:   "Anyways, (deep breath and now talking at breakneck speed because I can tell I'm losing him) for Christmas he got these two robots--Mike and Gib--and we put them up in his room right under your poster. Then, on Christmas night my son asked me to move his robots into the laundry room because he was scared of them and thought they might come to life at night."

Perry: (Totally and understandably checked out of the conversation at this point.) 

Girlfriend: "Awww!"

Me: (Relentlessly forging ahead) "So I asked him, 'What about Corey Perry? Can't he take care of them for you? You know, can't he fight them off?' Then my son said without a hitch and with total confidence, 'Corey Perry doesn't fight robots.'"

Girlfriend, Sara and I:  (laugh. laugh. laugh.)

Perry: (Joining back in the conversation for a moment.)

Me: "So, do you?" 

Perry: (With knitted-brow) "Do I what?"

Me: "Do you fight robots?"

Perry: (Smirking) "I'll fight anyone."

And that's why Corey Perry is my favorite hockey player. The end.

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