Week 5 - Anaheim Calling H2H Keeper

So, I'd like to keep the spirit going with the fantasy reports - but I only play in the Keeper H2H league, so that's the one I'm going to report on.  Sorry, every other league!


Tsujimoto's Katanas (41-24-5) vs. Cologne Hockey Frogs (32-29-9)

Taro and team win 8-5-1!

MVP: Brad Marchand destroys his competition, going 3-3=6 and a +5.

LVP: Simon Gagne decided that he didn't want to play the puck, with 0 points, a -1, and only 4 SOG.

Cologne Hockey Frogs' goaltenders played a better game, but Tsujimoto's Katanas squeaked out an extra win.  Skater stats fell almost entirely to the Katanas, excepting PIM and SOG.

Bobbleheads (29-32-9) vs. SLODucks (35-27-8)

Bobbleheads with a come-from-behind 9-4-1 Victory!

MVP: Tyler Seguin has finally found his groove, with 4 goals, 2 assists, and a +4.

LVP: Tyler Myers manages to rack up an amazing -5 with only a single assist and middling periphery stats.

SLODucks' goalies played good games, but they only played two of them, meaning the .76GAA and .955SV were all for naught.




Natesaduck (43-18-9) vs. Wingmen (25-30-15)

There were a bunch of ties in Wingmen's close 6-4-4 win!

MVP: Patrick Sharp didn't light the lamp, but he picked up 5 helpers and was a +3.

LVP: Ondrej Pavelec and Jonas Gustavsson managed to sour both players, with sub-.875 sv% and 4.25+ GAA 

Both teams managed to put together only 7 goals - the combined amount that Seguin and Marchand did that week.


Snipered (35-26-9) vs. Kings of Bedside (32-27-11)

Snipered blows it open with a 9-3-2 slobberknocker!

MVP: Duncan Keith went for four points, +5, and ended up having great shots and blocks this week.

LVP: Ryan Miller sucked it up - then got concussed.

I'm still confused as to how Snipered is going to get to his minimum goalie plays every week just having both of the Buffalo goaltenders.


Light Treason (32-40-7) vs. Magumbo Keeper Admin (32-33-5)

Magumbo Keeper Admin takes it 9-5-0!

MVP: Jaroslav Halak had a sub-1 GAA and a .961 SV% with a shutout.

LVP: Clarke MacArthur went -4 and only 3 SOG - no other stats to speak of.

Not a whole lot of power players between the two teams, as there was only 1 PPG in this matchup.


Right Wing Ramblers (29-27-14) vs. Los Rudos (29-39-8)

A close victory for Right Wing Ramblers, who wins 7-5-2!

MVP: Milan Hedjuk woke up, watched his Matlock, then scored 5 points and had 14 SOG.

LVP: Pick one of your favorite ducks - Jonas Hiller's bad goaltending or Lubo's no points, followed by injury.

Looks like Los Rudos' loading up on goaltenders doesn't help when only half of them play.



I Like Toydles (31-32-7) vs. Wisco Badgers (25-38-7)

I Like Toydles drops a bomb on Wisco Badgers, 10-2-2!

MVP: Nathan Horton lit up the scoresheet, like many other bruins, going 3-3=6 with a powerplay goal.

LVP: Semyon Varlamov doesn't win, and has a mere .806 GAA.

Too many close categories - only 1 PPG, two SOG and 1 BLK separated the two teams..



Bruce Campbell (38-26-6) vs. Dynasty H.C. (36-24-10)

Two heavyweights tie it up, 7-7-0!

MVP: Jimmy Howard posted 3 wins, a 1.33 GAA and .948SV% on the way to a shutout.

LVP: Yannick Weber does next to nothing and has a -3.

Great goaltending in this matchup - 7 wins, .940SV% or better, and 1.6GAA or better.




Need More Boyntons (29-35-6) vs. LA Webbed D's (23-38-9)

Boyntons take it, 7-4-3!

MVP: Johan Franzen posts 4-2=6 and 2PPG while getting 14 shots.

LVP: Evgeni Nabokov posts a 12.75 GAA and .750 SV%.  Also, he used to be a Shark.

Some very strong performances here - Corvo and Marleau both do great this week.





MoralesHomers (23-38-9) vs. LV Stormtroopers (31-32-7)

The Stormtroopers hit their mark, 7-5-2!

MVP: Drew Doughty posts five points, 4 PIM, and a power play goal.

LVP: Corey Crawford manages two wins, but has a 3.00 GAA and .882 SV%, losing all goaltending categories.

I don't understand how MoralesHomers has only one goaltender.


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