Week 6 - Anaheim Calling H2H Keeper

It's week six.  And I'm in first... but just barely.  I don't know how that happened with my team full of 60 point scorers, but I'll take it.



Tsujimoto's Katanas (49-28-7) vs. Need More Boyntons (33-43-8)

Tsujimoto's Goaltending sneaks him out an 8-4-2 win!

MVP: Carey Price had a sub-1 GAA and two shutouts in three games.

LVP: Marian Gaborik rolls a -3 and no points.

Patrick Marleau had a great week for Boyntons, but it wasn't enough to take all the skater categories.



Bobbleheads (37-36-11) vs. LA Webbed D's (27-46-11)

Bobbleheads wins a matchup of great goaltenders 8-4-2!

MVP: Joe Thornton gets SEVEN points, including a shorthanded point.

LVP: Dennis Wideman runs a -4 with no points, but the entire Bobbleheads team hits a -10.

Bobbleheads won most of the skater categories, though Webbed D's got some oddballs like SHP and Hits.


 Natesaduck (44-30-10) vs. Cologne Hockey Frogs (44-30-10)

Natesaduck suffers a tough week and is defeated by Hockey Frogs 12-1-1!

MVP: Mike Smith has a good week, with a .952 SV% and two wins.

LVP: The only skater category that Hockey Frogs lost was +/-... because his whole team was -17, led by the -4 Dion Phaneuf (who still had 3 points).

Just a bad week overall for Natesaduck, but there weren't any real stand-out players this week for either team.


Snipered (47-27-10) vs. SLODucks (36-39-9)

Another blowout as Snipered wins 12-1-1!

MVP: Tomas Plekanec racks up six points on the way to a Snipered victory.

LVP: I don't care if he had two points - Duncan Keith was a -7 after the blowout by Edmonton and loss to Calgary.

Snipered proves me wrong and wins with just the Buffalo goaltenders - and wins good.


Light Treason (30-46-8) vs. Wingmen (31-37-16)

Light Treason sneaks out a 7-6-1 win with no touching!

MVP(s): Evander Kane, who's been slow to start, had five points, +5, 8 PIM, and 15SOG.  Shea Weber also had five points, was +8, but only had 2 PIM and 13 SOG.

LVP: Ray Emery played against Edmonton.

Light Treason has a pretty awful goaltending week between Bobrovsky and Emery, but takes most of the skater categories.


Right Wing Ramblers (35-34-15) vs. Kings of Bedside (39-33-13)

Another close one, as Kings of Bedside win 7-6-1!

MVP: Phil Kessel is still on his tear, scoring five goals.

LVP: The -6 of Mark Streit and his single goal made him more harm than good.

If Kings of Bedside had played The Nuge against Chicago, this would likely be a bigger deficit.



I Like Toydles (37-39-8) vs. Magumbo Admin Keeper (39-39-6)

Too many squeakers - Magumbo Admin wins 7-6-1!

MVP: Stephen Weiss runs up six points, +4, a PPG, and somehow only makes 5 SOG.

LVP: Alexander Ovechkin.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  How do you get 17SOG and get 0 points and a -5.

It bears repeating.  Alex Ovechkin.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.



Bruce Campbell (45-31-8) vs. Los Rudos (28-46-10)

Bruce Cambell's boomstick wins it, 7-5-2!

MVP: Joffrey Lupul just might be missed on these Ducks, as he racks up six points.

LVP: Especially since Bobby Ryan gives goose eggs and a -4.

Another good goaltending matchup here, but Rudos takes GAA and SV%.




Wisco Badgers (28-48-8) vs. LV Stormtroopers (41-35-8)

The stormtroopers found the droids they were looking for, going 10-3-1!

MVP: Claude Giroux racks up seven points and Niklas Backstrom sets up a shutout and two wins.

LVP: Semyon Varlamov has a 6.00 GAA.  Ouch.

Does anyone else yell "Steve Ott!" like it's "Steve Holt!"?



MoralesHomers (26-47-11) vs. Dynasty H.C. (45-27-12)

At least Teemu scores, giving Dynasty H.C. a 9-3-2 victory!

MVP(s): Dustin Byfuglien and Andrew Ladd combine for nine points.

LVP: Daniel Alfredsson goes -1 with 1 SOG and 1 hit.  That's it.

Lots of skaters with no points - Doughty, Souray, Ribeiro, Meszaros, Filppula, Bolland, Beauchemin, Gleason, Alfredsson... the list is large.

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