To our Ducks


Well guys this year has come to an end and for players and fans, a little too soon. Still this season has some simply magical moments in it. Corry Perry defied the hockey Gods and made opposing goalies look foolish. Teemu schooled guys half his age. Lubo broke the clubs single season scoring record. Parros hit a season high in fighting majors. Bobby Ryan showed Saku’s brother how to score with his stick. And we finally got to see Saku in the playoffs or as I like to call him Super Saku. There were plenty of great moments that I did not mention this year and you guys sure made it one hell of a season to remember. So thank you guys. Thanks for all the hard work that you put in. No matter whether you were a 30 minute a night guy or a guy who got a handful of minutes on a quick NHL call up, thanks for giving it your all.


To our boys that will be back next year. Enjoy the summer. Spend time with the family and decompress. Enjoy the time off because when you come back, be ready to battle it out in the toughest division in hockey.


To those that we will lose in trades, thanks for your time here. We have enjoyed you playing in the Honda Center and living in our communities. Best of luck with your new teams unless you happen to be playing our Ducks. In that case loose an edge will you?


To those that hang them up this year, thanks for everything you have gave on this team and for making the NHL better. The league is growing and you have had a hand in that. Best of luck to where ever life may take you.


Hey number 8 you aren’t really going to hang them are you? You didn’t even sign a stick for Getzy’s garage this year. You can’t hang them up. You still got it and it sure looked like you were having fun out there this year. Come back next year and bring Paul back home will you? If you do decide to hang them up we will understand. You have been the heart and soul of this franchise and the fan base will miss you greatly. Even though you are one of Finland’s finest, we in So Cal are proud to call you one of our own. Thanks for all you have done for the game of hockey and for our Ducks. You are truly one of a kind.


Get some rest Ducks and I’ll see you at the rink next year. Go Ducks! 

Newport Rebel

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