Help AC Member Win A Jersey!

Hey everyone,

I've been busy with school and work lately and unfortunately haven't had enough time to post here on AC. But I would like to ask a favour out of some of you who appreciate a good jersey collection.

If you could, take the time out of your day (it will literally take 1 minute of your time) and read my write-up and look at my jersey collection (made up of some pretty rare Ducks jerseys). If you could do this, I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm vying to win a free jersey, and the jersey goes to the submission that gains the most votes.

The link is found here.

After the jump, I'll post the write-up I made to try and win this jersey:

(And justly, and if you feel the need to do so, vote anyone else if you are more impressed with their collection)

“My first ever NHL jersey was a Paul Kariya jersey, at the tender age of six. Yes, like many, I drank Disney’s Mighty Ducks Trilogy kool-aid, leading me to be a Ducks fan by a very young age. Even as a kid located in the hockey-centric city of Toronto, it is safe to say my love for a team based off of a Disney movie never wavered; even though it was hard to not cheer for that absolute Swedish beauty Mats Sundin. Although I had some other NHL favourites besides Anaheim players – most notably Czech puck-stopper Dominik Hasek – I always seemed to come back around to my Ducks.

My serious fandom started in 2003, when I, like many others, was amazed at the brilliance of the Cinderella Mighty Ducks that knocked off the defending Cup champion Detroit Red Wings, the first-seeded Dallas Stars, and the ‘other’ Cinderella Minnesota Wild. Although this Mike Babcock-led team had the likes of Kariya, Adam Oates, Rob Niedermayer and Steve Rucchin, the one who truly stole the show was goaltender J.S. Giguere. And while realizing many years later that he is the reason I came back to the Ducks, I decided to buy his jersey. Mind you, this was 2010, not 2003, so my ability to find a Giguere jersey was incredibly tough. This led me to realize that as the days, months and years went on, I would have a lesser and lesser chance of finding a Mighty Ducks jersey. So I improvised. I scoured Internet bargain bins for a blank Mighty Ducks jersey. I had to find something that was CCM or Maska, to at least please myself. After I found that, I went to eBay to find the appropriate chest crest and shoulder patches to authenticate the jersey. I found those without a problem. But maybe my biggest task was trying to find the outdated lettering. This task was seemingly impossible. I looked and looked but had no luck. One day I ended up finding an eBay dealer who said he would send me the letters. I had all the pieces, and all I needed to do was go to my local shop and get it all sewn-up. I did, and I couldn’t be happier. Every time I tell this story to fellow Ducks fans, even they are amazed at the Ducks dedication that went into the project. I would have to say that this is indeed my favourite jersey.

My second favourite jersey is another awesome jersey, mainly because this player is my favourite all-time – Teemu Selanne. There isn’t a very special story tied to this aesthetic, but I love it because it is a 2007 CCM jersey, otherwise known as the jersey the Ducks won the Cup in. This was my second ever Ducks jersey, which I bought almost 10 years after my Paul Kariya jersey – how fitting. Thing I love most about it is that it is autographed. This past January, the Ducks came to Toronto to face the Maple Leafs, and local shop AJ Sports World hosted Selanne, Cam Fowler and George Parros. I was the very first one in line, and I had the chance to meet my favourite player of all-time. I soon plan to have this framed with my signed Selanne picture, and I will put it up on my wall in place of a useless piece of art my Mom bought for me.

Lastly, and maybe my most under-appreciated jersey is my Sammy Pahlsson jersey. As we all know, Sammy Pahlsson may be one of the most underrated players to ever don a Ducks uniform. This is a guy that if not for Scott Niedermayer, would have won the Conn Smythe when the Ducks won the Cup in 2007 (not to mention the Selke as well, but that’s a story for a different day). Pahlsson formed a line with long-time Duck Rob Niedermayer and uber-grinder Travis Moen to shut down opposing first lines. I was planning on buying this jersey in the summer of 07, a few months after the Ducks hoisted the holy grail, but my best friend and brother convinced me otherwise, and I ordered a Russell Martin Dodgers jersey instead – what a mistake that was. I ended up finding the blank CCM 07 Ducks jersey earlier this year on a sale rack, and ended up adding the patch and numbers from AJ’s. They did a magnificent job.

After those jerseys, I have a Bobby Ryan autographed jersey; an authentic Paul Kariya jersey (Nike) with the “C” from 96-97; a Ryan Getzlaf 2010 Olympics jersey; a Teemu Selanne autographed Winnipeg Jets jersey; a Mark Messier ’94 Cup jersey; a Jonathan Toews Blackhawks rookie jersey (note there is no captaincy yet) from 2007-2008; and my most recent non-Ducks jersey, a Cam Neely Boston Bruins jersey that I received as a gift last Christmas.”

Thanks for reading (and hopefully voting) everyone,

I should be back posting here soon enough,


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