Shocked by the alleged trade value of our core players

Guys, I realize that whole "Fire Sale" Series that tries to come up with trades for our core players is just a theoretical exercise (or so most seem to hope) AND I completely agree with the following "common" points that most of AC and their readers seem to agree on: In order to be successful the Ducks need (1) to fire Murray, (2) re-establish a significant defensive forward unit a.k.a. the 3rd line on most teams and (3) get a top-notch defenseman of the calibre of Weber, Niedermayer, Pronger or even Doughty. What I find weird though is the value that some of the AC guys have attached to our core players in their posts. Here come those trades I find impossible:

1) Ryan for Laich:

Granted, Daniel did see this criticism coming, but I think it is completely unacceptable to trade a 25 year old repeat 30 goal scorer who can yet grow his game for a 28/29 year old checking center. I agree that Laich is great and would give this team exactly what it needs in a fantastic two way forward. However: a player that can do that should have been available via Free Agency one of the Pahlsson-less years and making up for the mistake by trading away a talent like Ryan is not the way to go in my opinion. If The Caps added a 1st and a 2nd rounder; maybe. I know you were not allowed to add draft picks to your core player swaps, but this does not work I think.

2) Perry for Sharp:

I think here we would be trading a player who is four years younger than what we would get in return for a player who is worse in skill and might well still end up with less points than Perry in what is easily his (Sharp's) best year. Sorry Daniel, but I cannot see how you think these two are equal value.

3) Hiller for Miller

I really think (and I actually really dislike Miller strongly) we would never get Miller for Hiller (who I think we all seem to undervalue right now; sometimes TEAMS make goaltenders as was the case with Bryz and is now with Smith in Phoenix, in Hiller's case we are "un-making" him right now I think). Miller would take us a bit more I think. The idea is not bad though.

4) Ryan for Shattenkirk

Guys, why do you all want to sell Ryan for such a low price? Shattenkirk is a great prospect and playing very well for his age. He is also (I think) a slightly less talented Fowler (and we already have Fowler) and would do nothing in terms of getting that "top-notch Dman" who can help now and in the future. I think we need (and can get for Ryan) a slightly more developed player.

5) Fowler for Fleury

I love Cam Fowler and think he will be a fantastic D man, but Fleury is way too valuable today to get him for Fowler (especially since the Pens have possibly the best young offensive d-man in Letang when healthy). Fleury is the only goalie who has a minimal chance of breaking Brodeur s records (if he sticks with the Crosby-Malkin-Staal-Letang Pens) and I think the Pens know his value. Maybe for Hiller and Fowler and then I think that would not be worth it.

6) Hiller for Eberle

Interesting idea as EDM needs a good goalie badly. Once again though, I think Eberle is valued much higher than Hiller is in the market.

7) Fowler for Del Zotto

I cannot even understand how that thought would cross anyone's mind?

8) Ryan for Staal

I like it. Honestly. I do think we could get just a slight bit more for Ryan, though.

Just my comments and my opinion, so don't think I wanted to enrage all of AC's regular staff by writing this :-). I guess the idea of the posts is to have some discussion, so I wrote down what I thought.

To make it easier to stab back at me, here are my ideas for core player 1 for 1 swaps (and before I do this, let me state that I do not want to trade any of them):

A) Getzlaf for Mikko Koivu: I realize, not my idea, but this is a great trade

B) Ryan for Bergeron: Bergeron is in the Selke discussion for years. He is just 26 and he has won everything you can win. Best face off man and not bad offensively. Definitely better than Staal I think.

C) Perry for Stamkos: again, not my idea, but equal value and a good trade. Lighting won't do it.

D) Fowler for Phaneuf: Yeah, this one is not great, but Phaneuf is a Dman who can do it all (much like Pronger could) and would (I believe) immediately turn this team into a contender with the rest staying as it is today. Sadly, this would trade away the future of the franchise in many ways I believe AND Burke would never do it.

E) Hiller for Rask: Boston would never do it. Still, I think Rask is the best goalie in the league and we will all see this once Thomas is done. As Boston probably won't do this, the alternative that I liked was Cory Schneider. (also not my idea) I have to admit though, that VAN will also not trade Schneider for another goalie as they have a starter. So what is left may only be Miller. We could go for Kipper or Reimer of course (I think Reimer is a very real possibility).

So that was my two cents :-).

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