Palm' to your forehead or Eat, Ete, Etem up? The Official Discussion

US- Born,

US Junior Team Experience,

Plus speed,

Sniper-like Wrist Shot from the Right Wing,

A top prospect in the Ducks Organization,

...These traits are excitingly and oddly attributed to not one Anaheim Ducks' prospect, but rather two different ones! One's 21 the other is 20; One's shoots left the other shoots right. One's from New York the other's from the LBC. The differences seem to basically end there as they have both shown in their respective development to be reliable scorers at the lower levels of hockey before the NHL. In addition, in international, junior play, both were used in more or less bottom-6 energy roles, which is interesting considering what we have seen, read and heard about these two young gentleman.

Of course, the two men I'm talking about are Kyle Palmieri and Emerson Etem.



Recently, and not so recently, there has been discussion on this blog about the ceiling of both players, their role moving forward, and what player "fits" on or team and which is expendable in a trade for more necessary parts. It is no secret that we are very deep at the right wing position, the position both Palmieri and Etem are listed as playing. Just look at this REAL depth chart for organizational right wings:

Corey Perry

Bobby Ryan (LW experience)

Teemu Selanne

Kyle Palmieri

Emerson Etem

Rickard Rakell (C experience)

Devante Smith-Pelly (LW experience)

Dan Sexton

I'm just gonna stop now, because that is just ridiculously deep...

Considering all this with the additional fact that in all estimations, both Palmieri AND Etem are posed to get a really strong look whenever the season starts, and you could see why the discussion has really turned into one or the other rather than both players on the roster.

So here's where I come in with this post, I thought this would be a good topic for discussion: both Palmieri and Etem have very similar skill sets and are about on par with each other in their development. The questions are as follows:

Who are you more excited to see in a Ducks' Jersey?

Where do you slot them in the lineup and with who do you pair them with?

Would you trade either of them before or during this season?

I'll start...

At the start of LAST season, I really was under-impressed by Palmieri's showning in the 2010-2011 season. I felt he was not as fast as advertised (he was more of a straight line player) and lack any tenacity that was mentioned in scouting reports. So I was really all about Etem and then when Etem was tearing up the WHL, I was even more sold on him. However, with Palmieri's promotion last season, I saw a player with a bit more than the season prior. He seemed faster and more defensively able than I remembered. I still was interested in seeing the antagonism mentioned in reports, but I now give him a bit more credit. Etem still really excites me 1) in all honesty because he isn't white (unpolitically correct, I know), 2) he seems to have a very high compete level, 3) he's from the LB and that's basically my second home, and most importantly, 4) he just has the speed, tenacity and skill to be a dope player.

IT is very interesting that both P and E were asked to take on checking roles in their first go on the US junior teams. That does make me wonder about their ceilings. That said, guys with their kind of speed and ability to finish a forecheck are valuable WHEREVER you slot them in the lineup. But realistically, I feel these two are similar enough that they should be shopped. Etem is probably more valuable to us here since he is a local kid, but honestly, they should both be dangled a bit to see what's the best return we can get for a DOPE RW Prospect... Sucks, but as long as Perry, Ryan and Selanne are on the chart in a Ducks uni then their will be limited playing time for P and E.

I had the fortune to see both of them play together last preseason against the Coyotes. I believe they were on a line with Brandon McMillan and at times they looked lost out their together. They did connect on a back hand feed from Etem to Palmieri for a cross body one-timer finish, but other than that they were pretty blah. This would lead me to think they probably don't find each other on opposite wings in the future...

Ok, that's all I got... Have at it friends! ETEM or PALMIERI?!?! GO!!!!

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