Armchair GM: Deadline Wish List

As we near the trade deadline and the team's playoff hopes still in flux, I thought now might be an interesting time to throw out my trade deadline wish list before everyone else does. Now I know if the team continues to win Bob Murray will probably not be inclined to buy or sell at the deadline, and just let the chemistry of this current group take us to the playoffs (or not). But recently I have this weird feeling that Bob Murray might actually read this blog from time to time. Maybe its the plea for Beauchemin and Hagman that were answered, or maybe its the recent revelation by the Washington Wizard's owner that he reads his own team's fan blogs regularly. If you are reading this Murray (or any of the trade proposal's mentioned on this blog) don't take them too seriously, but at the same time don't dismiss them either. Fan's can be idiots some times, but there are times when we can offer good insight. So without further ado hear are my 3 dream trade deadline deals:

1) Lubomir Visnosky to the Chicago Blackhawks for their 2012 1st round pick, 3rd round pick, and prospect Dylan Olsen

Analysis: I'm basing this trade's frame work off of the Tomas Kaberle trade last deadline. In that trade Toronto got a 1st, a high to mid-level prospect, and a conditional 2nd round pick. Now Tomas was having a better season and the market was very slim at that time so the return was slightly better. But, Lubo still has a year on his contract and is coming off of a very nice season. The trade helps Chicago by supplying the PP quarterback and top 4 dman that they have been missing since trading away Brian Campbell. The Ducks get 2 picks and a great prospective 2-way Defenseman (something lacking right now in the minors). The Ducks also get some cap relief and space on the blue line for Schultz to come and play once his NCAA season is done.

2) Jason Blake to the Pittsburgh Penguins for their 2012 3rd round pick

Analysis: The team is most likely going to let Blake go at the end of the season and it makes sense to clear his salary while getting something in return for him. The Penguins are always looking for wingers who can score, and Blake is a low risk option for them. They have the cap space and really need some depth scoring with Crosby out for the foreseeable future. Blake is having a good year (when healthy) and has shown the ability to produce on multiple lines.

3) Sami Vatanen, a 2012 3rd round pick, and Toni Lydman to the Buffalo Sabers for Robyn Regehr

Analysis: I already brought up the idea of acquiring Regehr in the comments of another post, but if there is one of these moves Murray should go for its this one. I am coming to the quick conclusion that waiting for Suter is a terrible idea for this franchise. There are many scenarios where Suter will not be available: he could resign with Nashville if they decide they can afford him and Suter, we could get outbid by one his many other (probably more attractive) suitors, or we could end up having to give him a massive contract that will look terrible in a few years. Regehr is a big (same size as Weber!!!!) Dman, who loves shutting down the other team's best players and clearing the crease. He is affordable and will not demand a large salary if we extend his contract. And if it doesn't work out its only for one more year and then we go after a different FA to fill the need. On the other side Buffalo gets a high tier Dman prospect, a draft pick, and a Dman who has worked well with their coach as top pairing guy for a million dollars less than Regehr. And again if it doesn't work out for Lydman, he's only there for one more year.

Projected line up after the deadline:








Again I'm sure these deals (and others) will not be made because the team will be competing for a playoff spot. But Murray should really consider moving some of the pieces on this team right now (Blake, Lydman, and Lubo especially) in order to make this team better for next season. Sound off in the comments with your own trades or comments on mine, and make sure to answer the poll too.

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