Open Gameday Thread: Anaheim Ducks @ Carolina Hurricanes

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Anaheim Ducks
@ Carolina Hurricanes

Thursday, Feb 23, 2012, 4:00 PM PST
RBC Center



Your Enemy: Canes Country

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I'm baaaack! Two posts of my hockey-related escapades in NYC/NJ and Toronto will come in the next few days. Unfortunately, I brought back what I can only determine to be the first reported case of "Moose Flu" (a cold) and I fell asleep at 6pm while writing last night. Big stick tap to Arthur and the AC crew for filling in while I embalmed my liver in booze.

Ok, now on to my beloved Ducks. I was only able to catch the 3rd period of the game versus Tampa (apparently in Toronto they frown upon asking to turn one tv to anything but a Leafs' game). They looked pretty damn good in that period, and I was surprised to find out that they were once down 0-2 after the first. What is it about that first period that they can't seem to put together a decent effort? As of late, it seems that they're always down after the first, Boudreau peels the paint off the walls during intermission, and we see an entirely new team.

Logic would suggest that the Ducks should have the opposite issue on an epic road trip such as this one. They should come out firing in the first and then continue to tire as the game went on. Then again, this is the Ducks we're talking about and logic does not apply to them - especially this season. I don't know what to expect in this final game of the Road Trip That Never Ends.

I take that back. I do know one thing for sure - the 'Canes will be gunning for Corey Perry. Rarely do we see an East Coast team twice in one season. It just so happens that this second game comes after a controversial end of a first game. The Canes and Ducks went into a very tense overtime. It seemed we were all but destined for a shootout when Perry scored the game winning goal. As someone that was at Honda Center for the game, I didn't realize what happened prior to the shot. Perry was supremely lucky that he wasn't called for a trip. I doubt the 'Canes have forgotten about that as well. Pears will need to be on his best behavior and not retaliate, no matter what Carolina throws at him. A Perry on the ice is better than a Perry in a box.

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