The Elusive 2C

Recently in one of the threads a contributor of the site mentioned in a comment that good ole Bar stool Bob was working on a 2C trade centered around prospects/picks vs using roster players, namely Ryan, to acquire the 2C we all desire. To that end I thought I would take a look at which teams might be interested in something like this, which teams have centers to spare and of those centers who do we actually want.

Here is a list of teams that actually have a number of centers and their list of centers regardless of availability. That way it is easier to gauge their center depth. Some of these players likely play on the wings as well but are listed as centers.

St. Louis: Bakes, Berglund, McDonald, Oshie, Sobotka, Nichol.

Boston: Bergeron, Krejci, Peverly, Seguin, Kelly, Campbell.

Nashville: Fisher, Legwand, Gaustad, Wilson, Smith, Spaling.

Toronto: JVR(?), Connolly, Grabovski, Lombardi, Bozak, McClement, Steckel

Colorado: Stastny, Duchane, O'Reilly, Olver, Mitchell.

Minnesota: Koivu, Cullen, Brodziak, Granlund, Konopka, Dowell, Mitchell.

Montreal: Plekanec, Gomez, Eller, Desharnais, Nokelainen.

Philly: Giroux, Briere, Couturier, Schenn, Read, Talbot, Rinaldo.

New Jersey: Zajac, Henrique, Josefson, Clarkson Carter, Zubrus,

That is a lot of players and its likely that a lot of those teams wont be interested in dealing. Toronto has a clear excess and Connolly could come back and be a decent play maker for us, but I shudder at any deal with Burke. I don't see Philly dealing without getting Ryan so I don't see a deal with them. Boston has a number of centers but apparently Krejci isn't available and there is no way Seguin or Bergeron are. That leaves Peverly who just signed an extension and has a NTC. Minnesota could be a target but it would be Cullen or Brodziak, neither are players I would be overly excited for. St. Louis has Berglund and McDonald. either could be nice, but I don't see the desire to deal for them. They are coming off a good season and they haven't even hit the floor yet which makes a move unlikely unless they are adding salary. I don't really care for a Montreal deal, but I don't really know much about their centers. Nashville could make sense as they have about 5 top 9 centers and may be looking to save some money with that Weber deal. Colorado is my favorite partner. They are in a situation where they have 3 top 6 centers. 1 of them is well established while the other 2 have done well and have bright futures. They have a situation where arguably more talents young player ( Duchane ) has just taken a Discount to stay in Colorado. This hurts O'Reilly's bargaining power and affects his deal. They could deal Stastny but then they are in a situation where they gave the team to two players that have shown the ability to succeed but not for a long period of time. They also have one of the worst prospect pools in the league because of dealing some picks over the last few years. This could put them in a situation where they are in a contract stalemate and could use it to strengthen up their prospects with a deal. Those are my thoughts. Discuss.

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