What rule changes would YOU like to see in the next CBA?

With CBA negotiations in full swing (Ok... only two meeting so far....) our friends at the Ottawa Senators blog Silver Sevens are voicing their opinions on what they would like to see with the next CBA. So, I thought we should do the same here at Anaheim Calling. Here are two articles to get you started on the debate:

THIS: an interview with agents Allan Walsh and Kurt Overhardt from and

THIS: CBC's Elliotte Friedman

For me, personally, I'd like to see: (and yes... your rules do need names... preferably slightly funny, if you can think of one)

a term limit on contracts. The NBA has it, (all be it, in various forms) and I think it would be a good approach for the NHL to look into. Maybe 5-6 years tops, with 20% of the maximum cap being the limit for top players. (ex: with a 70 million dollar cap limit, the max a player could be paid is between 14 million dollars per.) Call it- "The Suter/Parise/Kovalchuk. et al Rule."

the cap itself should stay stagnate for at least 2 full seasons. this way we avoid what caused the full season lock out in 2004, and what is one of the issues going into this round of negotiations: rising player salaries. Call it- "The NO! Gary Bettman NO! Rule."

further more: the cap (when/if it is raised) should not be inflated more than 3-5 million dollars above it's previous level. (ex: if a cap is 50 million in 2012-2013, than in 2014-2015 it can be raised to 55 million max) Call it- "The no inflation clause" (or something... if someone has a better name for this clause, than please let me know)

teams punished for Wade Redden type contracts which would say that you can't hide the nasty 35+ contracts in the minors with out some sort of a punishment, like the luxury tax in baseball. Call it- "The Wade Redden Rule"

players fined more than 2500 K as that is clearly not nearly enough of a kick in the wallet when it comes to cheap-shots. I say double it, that way players would really get the message, hopefully. Call it- "The Raffi Torres/Daniel Carcillo rule" (or one of the other... whatever)

Finally (for now), do away with the stupid trapezoid and just make a 2 min minor penalty if someone knock a goalie down behind the red line... double minor if it's a Miller/Lucic incident (or any sort of incident of that nature) Call it- "The Lucic'd rule"

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