The 10 Worst Trades in Ducks History

And now for something completely depressing.

Note: #1 was easy. #2-3 were sort of hard because you could argue that both Kunitz and McDonald could have brought us a second cup as McDonald was a good second line center, and Kunitz was a good second line winger, and both were very popular. As for the return: Whitney sucked and Doug Weight (as much as I love the guy) didn't do much, as far as I remember. #4-7 are self explanatory. #8 was because Battaliga was a decent scorer and Vasicek would be a respectable D-man in the league before being killed in the Lokomotiv crash. I believe he also won a cup with the Canes. I know a lot of you would have #9 higher, but I feel that we haven't really seen how this played out (though we have a damn good idea of how it will), and at the time of the deal, we all thought Schultz was going to be a Duck, so we didn't need Gardiner. Also Lupul wasn't getting the ice time he deserved and didn't like it. #10: see #4-7. HM: P.A. finally had a breakout year on the Island & the guys we got back played a total of 1 game for the club.

1.) Anaheim trades Teemu Selanne to San Jose for Jeff Friesen, Steve Shields & 2003 3rd round overall pick

2.) Ducks trade Chris Kunitz & Eric Tangradi to Pittsburgh for Ryan Whitney.

3.) Anaheim trades Andy McDonald to St. Louis for Doug Weight, 2008 7th round pick & Michal Briner

4.) Anaheim trades rights to Jordan Leopold to Calgary for Andrei Nazarov & 2001 2nd round pick

5.) Anaheim trades Steve Rucchin to NYR for Trevor Gillies & 2007 conditional pick

6.) Anaheim trades Mike Sillinger to Vancouver for Roman Oksiuta

7.) Anaheim trades Sean O'Donnell to Los Angeles for Conditional 3rd round draft pick (not exercised as LA didn't trade O'Donnell before deadline)

8.) Anaheim trades Bates Battaliga & 1998 4th round pick (would be Josef Vasicek) to Hartford for Mark Janssens

9.) Anaheim trades Jake Gardiner, Joffery Lupul & 2013 Conditional 4th round pick to Toronto for Beauchemin

10.) Anaheim trades J.S. Giguare to Toronto for Jason Blake & Vesa Toskala

HM: Anaheim trades P.A. Parentau & Bruno St. Jacques to Chicago for Sebastian Caron, Chris Druno & Matt Keith

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