Help Wanted: Anaheim Calling's Next Top Writer

Remember this horrible idea? The Ducks Guardian! - A regretful Stan Lee

We're looking for another writer to add to our band of misfits and hooligans. Inquire within...

Ever wanted to write for your favorite Ducks blog? Well, the OC Register isn't hiring but we are! A spot has opened on the Anaheim Calling writing staff and we're looking to fill it. (If you're wondering, Kevin is focusing on his senior year of college and won't be with us. Yeah like a college degree will get him anywhere...)

Before you decide you want to apply, make sure you can do ALL of the following:

#1 - Are you a member of the Anaheim Calling community? If the answer is no, don't send me an email. Rectify that ish.

#2 - Do you have a basic grasp of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure?

#3 - Are you able to commit to writing AT LEAST once a week and can work well under deadlines? I run a tight ship around here. We have big plans for the blog this season and it involves a lot of content generation. The staff now will tell you I am a psycho hose beast when it comes to deadlines.

#4 - Do you handle criticism well? People are much braver on the web. They're more willing to tell you how much you suck because they aren't saying it to your face. Having a sense of humor about it helps.

#5 - Are you a Ducks fan? DUH.

If you can meet ALL of the above, you'll need to submit a writing sample.

Please email me ( on ONE of the topics below. If you send me three, I will read the first one. The sample needs to be - at the most - 350 words of your best work.

Topic #1 - EXCLUDING Teemu Selanne, who is your pick for the best Duck of all time and why?

Topic #2 - Who is the most important player for the future of the franchise? It can be the immediate future or long term, your pick.

Topic #3 - Armchair GM: Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry. Who do you sign and who do you let go? Why?

Those are fun topics and the most debated around here. Remember, 350 words MAX. You have to be able to make your point clearly in a small space.

Email me ( your submissions by 9pm PT on Sunday, Jan. 20. In your email, include a little introduction about yourself. Who you are, SBNation user ID, how long you've been a Ducks fan, how awesome I am...etc.

Really excited to add someone to our dysfunctional little family. Feel free to email me with any questions or write 'em in the comments. Good luck!

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