The Truth About The Bobby Ryan Trade Finally Comes Out

When I found out about the Bobby Ryan trade, I was very frustrated with the fact we traded a star on a great contract, and our best trade chip, without addressing either of our two glaring needs, defense or center. And while later on I mentioned in a fan post here on Anaheim Calling that I was happy with the net value of the assets we received, I'm still disappointed Bob Murray didn't address the primary needs of this team, and I speculated at the time that perhaps it was an ownership issue. I was extremely certain, and remain so, that we could have netted a #1 defenseman of equal standing, and similar salary, in exchange for Bobby Ryan. But I offered up the notion that, it seems to me, ever since the Samueli's first started dismantling our Cup team when they traded Andy Mcdonald, that they're just no longer interested in paying the money necessary to win another Cup. In essence, they've won their Cup, and now they've moved on to new, and less expensive, hobbies. My understanding was always that they would start ponying up more money once the team was really within just a couple moves of seriously competing for a Cup again, but now even with the team finishing 2nd in the Western Conference last season, with plenty of young players like Kyle Palmieri and Emerson Etem, to name just a few, emerging as important players, it seemed evident to me from the Bobby Ryan trade that they were simply done spending money no matter what.

I floated this idea, but no one else seemed as concerned about it as me. Bob Murray made the best trade he could based on the return coming back, and it had nothing to do with money. The Samueli's are still willing to spend, and would be willing to spend on a #1 defenseman should one come along, too. That's what people told me.

Unfortunately, my fears have been confirmed by Elliotte Friedman in his 30 Thoughts column. The Ducks chose the Ottawa Senators deal because the Ducks "didn't want to take on salary."

From the article, which you can read here

19. How many serious offers did Anaheim get for Bobby Ryan? The word is four, although that was over a length of time. Why did Ottawa win the race? Sounds like there were two reasons. First, the Ducks didn't want to take on salary and the Senators didn't need to shed money.

So any of you hoping for the Ducks to trade some prospects and picks for a top-pairing defenseman this season, like many of our rivals have done recently, forget about it. Top players have big salaries, and this team is not allowed to take on big salaries.

This team is not allowed to trade for top players anymore. Or sign them in free agency. Now you know why.

Not only that, but you do know how much it limits the offers you get for a player when you're not willing to "take on salary?" Not just big salary, but salary. That means every team that was close to the cap, or didn't want to take on $5 million in salary all at once, couldn't even enter the Bobby Ryan sweepstakes, even if they had a way better deal to offer.

I can't even write anymore. I just feel completely defeated. This is so bad. This ruins everything. I had so much hope for this team, after waiting through the retool, that since we now have two 1st round picks, and are loaded with prospects, we could make some futures-for-stars trades to add the final pieces to our team's puzzle, like the Kings did two seasons ago to acquire Jeff Carter and Mike Richards, which resulted in a Cup, or like the Sharks did to acquire Brent Burns and Dan Boyle. But now I know my team isn't allowed to do that. God dammit. The Samueli's may as well write the words "not allowed to win" at center ice in our rink because that's basically what they're saying. Now we know why we never sign a big free agent. Now we know why the Sharks and Kings trade for star players constantly, but we never, ever do. Now we know why the two big trades we've been involved in years have been trades where we moved out salary, and star players, instead of trading for them.

This is just a huge problem we've now had confirmed in our organization, and we may as well not even root for this team until it changes, because teams that refuse to spend to the cap, and refuse to take on salary even when they're trading their star player... oh god this is so bad the more you think about it, don't win Cups.

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