What the Fasth?! Line Combination 326!

My game recap of Sharks vs Ana, Feb. 4, 2013









1st Period Recap:

It was a back and forth game with no real feel. The only person to stand out was actually Staubitz, but in a good way. Did you know he can skate and hit and not be a liability?! I was mildly amused with the odd combination being made. It was quite a boring game and the Sharks livened it up on a mistake in the defensive end. Sbisa had just injured his leg and Allen took his place along side Lydman, Sbisa’s defensive counterpart. In that confusion infusion, Couture pounced on a rebound and sure enough Allen was in the picture.

The team hustled and brought their pail to the ice despite yet another line combination that BB has thrown out there once again. It hasn’t this combination hasn’t work. But Beleskey is a wonderful pest to have as he’s gotten into another fight in this short season. It’s three and counting.

Penalties: Ana 2, SJ 4

PP: Ana 0/3, SJ 0/1

Score: Ana 0, SJ 1

2nd Period Recap:

This game was boring until halfway through the second period when the Cone head line was re-united (and it feels so good… Sorry, couldn’t help it!) They had lots of scoring chances, drew some penalties, almost scored if not for a flying Dutchman.. err… Shark’s stick (not Greiss, their goalie). Palmieri also joined his former line mates, Perry-Selanne, for a shift or two and caused some positive offensive havoc. Then we went back to more line changes.

Allen was seriously getting picked upon by the Sharks. Smart move by the Sharks to embellish some falls when he’s nearby as they get the calls. Allen was called for interference in his period. In the first period he was called for holding, but in replay you can see the Shark forward locked his arm around Allen’s to produce a call. Bad luck for Allen.

Penalties: Ana 3, SJ 2

PP: Ana 0/2, SJ 0/3

Score: Ana 1, SJ 1

3rd Period Recap:

The Cone head line continued to show their presence as they caused a Shark defenseman to rim a puck around behind the net to carom fortuitously from boards, in front of an empty net for Koivu to put in for the easiest goal ever to tap in as Greiss was looking for the puck to finish caroming around the boards. And then the lines changed again except the Cone head line (finally BB is figuring some things out). Etem made his debut on the top line and created some chances, but overall the line changes makes the chemistry not flow. We had no business being in this third period as our play was sloppy for the most part. How does a PP unit make a 5-on-3 look pathetic? Take a good look at how we did it tonight as we had to defend a short-handed chance with the Ducks having two extra players on the ice. Fasth saved our arse so many times tonight and did something that Hiller still doesn’t do… use the damned stick to make a save! (Okay, it doesn’t go down as save, but nonetheless a heroic save as Fasth lunged forward to meet a Shark flying down alone. Then Fasth extended his goalie stick to re-route the puck and player away.

The Sharks owned this period, but we came away with a win as Souray was able to lazer a point shot into the net from a broken, hustle play in the offensive zone started by Etem on the top line. I really thought we would lose it especially with a late penalty against us. Fasth made sure the collapse wasn’t there. It’s nice to be on the other side of the coin where you were out played, but still won. Karma? Nah. Hard work and good scouting.

Penalties: Ana 2, SJ 2

PP: Ana 0/2, SJ 0/2

Score: Ana 2, SJ 1

Final: Ducks Win

Total Penalties: Ana 7, SJ 8

Total PP: Ana 0/6, SJ 0/6

Total SOG: Ana 32, SJ 26

The Bad: BB and coaching staff for yet another line combination and the PP dysfunction, especially on the two man advantage.

The Good: Our PK unit and whoever is in charge of the PK unit… oh wait that would be…

The Awesome: Fasth. Even though we had a lot more SOG’s, most of our shots on Greiss were long, point shots. Fasth was getting barraged inside and repelled many odd man rushes. With that denoted, I say in his honor, “What the Fasth!”

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