Ducks - The Winning Formula!

Ducks have more skill than any other team. Let’s put it to use. Hockey leadership is saying, “How badly do you want it” or “Let’s take this game” or “Own the ice.” These are the comments being made in the dressing room… to no avail.

Currently, Ducks allow opponent to easily move out of own zone, uncontested through neutral zone, and begin defensive stance ONLY in their own 1/3 of the ice. Not a wining formula.

WINNING FORMULA: Leadership (coaching) tips to score & win:

  • Play a 2-3-1 formation. Center drives forward and transitions back (gotta communicate, be in shape, and alert).
  • Get both posts covered on the attack (play just beyond the top of the crease, allow space to collect rebounds; avoid crowding the post & jamming self up)
  • Attack the corners, get the puck on the net: play rebound or when goalie commits, pass to opposite post to catch a committed goalie’s back door/open net.
  • Potential 1 out of 10 attempts the puck WILL find the back of the net. Result=more goals with 23 – 35 shots on goal.
  • Bring puck into attacking zone in middle, not sides/boards to avoid pinching & loss of possession.
  • MINIMIZE dump & chase!
  • Circulation/Rotation during attack is improving (remember to keep both posts covered). Currently many lost opportunities & possessions recently.


  • Forecheck! Forwards must tie up opponent in their own zone when trying to bring the puck out.
  • Center to cover center of opponent’s zone during forecheck & transitions to blue line for neutral zone trap
  • Lock down nueutral zone.
  • Communication has been good recently
  • Use body, not stick, to knock opponent off of puck whenever possible
  • Block driving lanes with body, not stick
  • Time & Space: tight coverage. ALL attackers have a Duck on them so no passes can be received. Communicate successful turnovers to initiate quick transition.
  • Knock over/HIT any opposing player that receives a pass.

The keys to the game like champions:
Puck possession
Turnovers by forecheckers
2 posts covered on attack.
Disciplined concentration, professional best

Go Ducks!

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