HF's Anaheim Ducks' draft review.

Often, (affectionately known as HF) writes articles about the Ducks that seem quite foreign, remote and robotic such that many fans wonder if the writer or writers paid any attention to the Duck prospects at all. In this article, the writer, Jason Lewis, adds a different perspective on how the Ducks' drafted that even has me wondering why couldn't I have specifically pinpointed this notion before. So I'd like to share this article on AC community.

HF's Anaheim Ducks' draft review, 2013.

Spoiler Alert: I'll be writing my comments on the article just below this Spoiler alert. So please read the article first, and then return here for my opinion/comment. Otherwise, I might lose you because or what I write will lack that depth.

Filler sentence just in case you skimmed too fast and didn't want to read on by accident. Plus, I thought it comical to actually type in "filler sentence" in any article that it was meant to be utilized as such.

Just like Keanu Reeves in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, "Whooooa." Kudos to Lewis for such a well written piece about our prospects with the macro view of the Ducks' organization in mind. I never thought about them drafting to keep the pipeline secure, which inevitable means it keeps talent going onto the organization's NHL club in one way, shape or form. We've been quite fortunate to have drafted or acquired young prospects with so much promise in Fowler, Sbisa, and Palms make early impacts on their careers that we see the same path for Lindholm, Etem, Holland, Vatanen, Gibson, and Rakell that we forget they're still just kids.

It wasn't long ago that our cupboard was depleted, which force the org to sign so many veterans. Now we have some of our youngings developing with veterans around, this draft was an eye towards the future as they can afford to wait for Theodore, Keaton, and company. Since some of the newly drafted prospects are under 18, such is the case with Theodore, Theodore can possibly stay in juniors for two more years. Then spend a year in AHL or possibly three years. Five years from now is when Theodore's ELC expires and moves onto his first contract. He'd be cheap at that point, which gives the organization a lot of options.

The lower drafts are low risk, high reward type players. Isn't that how we drafted Vatanen? We went through and are still going through a re-building process, yet remain high competitive. And now, hopefully, we can expect the team to continue to be solidly competitive as well as continue to improve because of how the org's scouts have been drafting. The prospects can prosper in the system or be traded for valuable piece in the future. Either way, the foundation is stacked and seems as though will continue to be stacked to give the organization many options at their disposal, which includes fiscal responsibilities.

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