Just like that Travolta/Cage movie?

Just some data on face-offs, that might contribute to the discussion on whether or not they are worth worrying about. I didnt do the research and have to credit it to the University of Western Ontario. The source article is: An analysis of National Hockey League face-offs: Implications for the home advantage, if you want to read it yourself.

The data they took was over 1228 games in the 2006-2007 season. The home team won 56.0% of all games finishing in regulation/overtime, and 47.1% of games ending in a shootout. The home team won 51.86% of all their draws (52.26% offensive zone, 51.36% neutral zone, and 52.12 defensive zone). The home teams presented advantages in shots on net and goals scored. Bivariate correlations suggest that there is a significant advantage (p = 0.05) between winning faceoffs (in offensive, neutral and defensive zones) and shot differential. When home teams won 50% or over the shot differential was 2.72 as opposed to 1.48 if under the 50% win mark.

No significant relationship was found with faceoff wins (in any zone) and goals scored. However the paper didnt look at minimal clinical differences, so there may have been a positive relationship there. Considering the non-university supported work towards shots that is constantly thrown up, we should assume that an increase in shots would in fact increase the number of goals scored.

Table represents 2013 corsi for percentages, faceoff percentages and standing points. The final numbers are the correlation coefficient between the numbers

LAK 56.3 53.4 59
NJ 55.9 48.2 48
BOS 54.4 56.4 62
CHI 54.1 50.8 77
OTT 53.6 49.2 56
DET 53.6 50.8 56
MON 52.8 49.8 63
STL 52.2 50.7 60
NYR 52 50 56
CAR 51.6 50.2 42
VAN 51.5 47.6 59
SJS 51.3 53.4 57
PHO 50.6 52 51
NYI 50 49.7 55
WPG 49.5 48.9 51
MIN 49.5 52.4 55
FLA 49.1 49.4 36
PIT 49 51.5 72
COL 48.9 51.1 39
DAL 48.9 47.2 48
WAS 48.7 50.8 57
ANA 47.9 47.5 66
PHI 47.6 48.5 49
CAL 47.4 46.6 42
TBY 47.2 51.2 40
CBS 47.1 52 55
NAS 46.7 49.7 41
BUF 45.1 46.2 48
EDM 44.5 46.1 45
TOR 44.1 50 57
cf% & fo 0.438922
cf% & P 0.389897
fo% & P 0.312891

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