A better future without Bobby Ryan? Hell yeah!

OMGoodness, OMGoodness, OMGoodness!

I read about this yesterday and I had to let things settle down in my head before I commented, and still things unknown.

Bobby had to go either this offseason or next. So we got Silf, Noesen and a 1st rounder. All I know about Silf is that he's a scorer and such. (Damn, I don't know how to approach my ideas because it's all scatterbrains full of concepts, so bare with me.)

Silf will be added to our young guns of Etem and Palms. Literally, all these players are shoot first type of players. We needed change because what we have just isn't working out so well. Anyhow, here's a snippet from The Hockey News' Future Watch, Feb 2011 on Silf: (Yes, I still like reading my old magazines because they're still pertinent in situations like this! ha ha ha)
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Ottawa Senators
4th overall
Jakob Silfverberg
RW, 20, Brynas (Swe)
6-1, 187, 45-14-14-28-14
At 20, Silfverberg is mature beyond his years. A skilled offensive player with creative instincts, he's also adept in his own end and understands the importance of a two-way game.
Silfverberg has ramped up his offensive stats in Sweden's top league and the Senators would love to see him test his abilities in the AHL next season. Although he does play with intensity, he's not overly physical and is working on his shooting accuracy.
"He's been one of the best players for Brynas as a 20-year-old," Dorion said. "He has a great work ethic and a lot of skill."
Acquired 2009 draft, 39th overall.

We lost Bobby, a proven goal scorer, and replaced him with a younger goal scorer. Last season, Bobby notched 11 goals in 46 games. Silf recorded 10 goals in 48 games in his rookie campaign! Not much of a loss there, but there is potential for more in Silf's case. Also, Silf is going to cost us one-fifth the price of Bobby AND gets us Noesen as well as a 1st rounder in the 2014 draft.

Then I read from other online threads that Noesen was a kid the Ducks liked and wanted to draft, but ended up with Rakell. I gotta hand it to our scouts because that's how we kind of stumbled onto Lindholm as well because we were scouting another prospect over in Europe. From THN's 2011 Draft Preview, Rakell was ranked 25th and Noesen at 39th. Quirky thing is that Rakell made the switch from RW to C, while Noesen made the switch from C to wing. In Plymouth, Rakell centered Noesen. Here's their write up:
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Rank: 25th
[Pos: Center (my info, not THN's)]
Rickard Rakell
For an import, Rickard Rakell didn't waste any time finding his voice in Plymouth. Though he has traditionally been a right winger, Rakell approached the Whalers coaching staff around Christmas and asked to play center, fully aware of the extra responsibility that position entails. Playing with fellow draft-eligibles Stefan Noesen and Garrett Meurs, Rakell helmed a very effective line.
"He's a guy who works very hard on both sides of the puck," said one scout. "He's very effective on the forecheck and he makes things happen on the attack."
Rakell also impressed at teh world juniors in Buffalo, playing a physical forechecking roles for the Swedes and chipping in offensively.
"He started out in a secondary role and worked his way up," the scout said.
AAgile and evasive, Rakell can improve on his speed, but his skating is not a concern.
Translation: Two-way Forward.


Rank: 39th
[Position: Left Wing (according to Plymouth's website, not THN's)]
Stefan Noesen
Some kids know what they want in life and Stefan Noesen is one of them. The Texas-born center moved to Michigan as a teen because he wanted to play in the Ontario League.
And though he got his wish when he was drafted by Plymouth, the journey hasn't been a straight upward line. With so much depth last season (NHLers Tyler Seguin, and Phil McRae for example), the Whalers used Noesen sparingly as a penalty-killer.
He played in just 33 games, but the extra practice time helped him blossom for this season, when he became one of the team's most important players alongside fellow draft-eligibles Rickard Rakell and Garrett Muers.
"He's been under the radar and that's OK," said one scout. "he's very skilled, has great speed and makes plays at full speed. He looks like an exciting player."
Consistency is an issue with Noesen, but his solid and growing frame also works to his advantage.
NHL Translation: Skilled forward

2009 - 10 Stats (Games-Goals-Pts)
Noesen: 33-3-8

2010 - 11 Stats (here's where Rakell centered Noesen)
Noesen: 68-34-77
Rakell: 49-19-43

2011 - 12 Stats
Noesen: 63-38-82
Rakell: 60-28-62

2012 - 13 Stats
Noesen: 51-25-53
Rakell: 40-21-44

Is it just me or do you guys also see a pattern here? Last season we kept Rakell on the NHL club for quite some time. Which means he missed an awful lot of time with the Whalers. In three years, Rakell has been a steady point per game player with an increase focus on goal scoring. In the first two years with Rakell, Noesen's production skyrockets. In their second season together, Noesen played five less games, but scored five more points. In the third season together, Noesen's production rate dropped relative to his games played. So what caused that production to drop? Rakell was missing. Of course I'm theorizing this because I don't know if they were kept on the same line together or not.
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Noesen’s 2012 – 13 Season Stats

























Total w/o Rakell






With Rakell






Noesen's total season






Wowzers! Assuming the two are paired together usually, that's a stark contrast in Noesen's game in respect to goal scoring. I mean, there's a lot of assumptions here, but Noesen becomes a goal scorer when Rakell's around. There's apparently some chemistry here. Consistency also adds to chemistry and I believe the organization has an eye to the future here as they made sure to have a Twins 2.0 in the works here with Noesen and Rakell. Right here is the making a goal scoring second line. Both will be heading out of Plymouth and onto Ducks' organization starting their ELC's.

I only hope the Ducks' organization keeps these two youngings together and allow them to develop slowly by starting off in Norfolk first for a year. With Bones assuming the 2C position with the parent club in Anaheim, the Ducks have Holland or possibly acquire another center to play the fourth line. Yet with the chemistry existing for three years already, the Noesen-Rakell pair may burst onto the scene later in the 2013 season or playoffs as I hope they ravage the competition in Norfolk.

We still haven't even talked about the possibility of who that first round draft pick is for next year either! This is why my brain is racing so much. We traded away a goal scorer in Bobby Ryan for a budding goal scorer in Silf, solidified a second line pairing that can score with the acquistion of Noesen that will be available later in the 2013 season or surely in the 2014 season as they will be paired together for four years by then, and a first round pick. There's really no rushing these kids considering the team possesses a plethora of young talent with Palms, Etem, Holland and the slew of FA junior/collegiate players during the offseason in the season like Laganiere and Sarault.

The future just keeps getting brighter! Bob Murray stated the roster needed changes, but never kept his eye off of its foundation for the future either. What's there to not really like? Do we keep the same roster as last year? Why? Einstein defined insanity as "repeating the same process and expecting a different result".

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