Can We Get a Brunner? Can We Pleeeeese? I Promise He'll Score Lots of Goals!

Spector's Hockey cited George Malik citing some article from Switzerland, and apparently one of those three sources mentions the Ducks as a possible destination for Damien Brunner. Read here:

Sheehy denied his client’s asking price (believed to be over $3 million per season) was the reason he’d yet to be signed. The article’s author speculates Colorado, Anaheim, Phoenix, Dallas or Buffalo could be destination for Brunner.

This. This. THIS! ... Where's the underline button? Ok nevermind I'll stick with three "this's."

But seriously, Brunner is so underrated in this marketplace because he's only played one NHL season and so many GMs are just very conservative. But talent wise this the guy right here who can replace 25 to 30 goals we lost in Bobby Ryan, and like I said he is being undervalued. We could have him for somewhere between 2.5 and 3.25 million per year on a fair term. I'd be happy to sign him pretty long as well because I think he's just going to get better with more NHL experience, but that won't be necessary to sign him and since most NHL GMs are conservative, I'm sure Bob Murray would prefer three years or something like that, which works for me.

But I really want us to sign this player. I think it could be one of the best signings of the offseason for any team. I think we should sign Brunner, try to dump Bryan Allen on someone, trade a package of B-grade prospects and/or picks for a top-pairing defenseman (remember we have two 1st round picks next season along with tons of prospects even past our top ones, so maybe a Smith-Pelly or Kerdiles or Karlsson... have to give to get), trade Hiller either in that deal or separately for cap purposes and hopefully get assets back value back for him too, and we will come out very sunny indeed. Very sunny indeed.









Beauchemin-Top-2 dman from trade





Allen if we're still stuck with him



I mean holy crap that is a sweet roster, especially the forwards. They can all be switched around of course, but having your choice of Etem, Holland, Brunner, Silfverberg, Saku, and Teemu on your 3rd line? And then Winnik, Cogliano, Bonino on the 4th line? Any way you slice it that's the best 3rd and 4th lines in the NHL, Getzlaf and Perry mean you have one of the best 1st lines in the NHL, and a second line made up of three players out of Etem, Holland, Brunner, Silfverberg, Saku, and Teemu is far from a weak spot either.

So at minimum, this lineup gives you two lines out of four that are clearly the best in the NHL for their number, period, and a third line of your four, your 1st line, also potentially the best in the NHL. So if things go right, a lineup where three out of your four lines are each individually the best in the NHL for that number line, and your other one isn't too shabby either. I'm sorry but that's unheard of. And we can actually have that next season. We don't even have to do the more complicated parts of what I suggested, like trading for a top dman or trading Hiller, to achieve this. All of that is separate. All we have to do is sign Damien Brunner and we will have unprecedented forward depth. CRAZY!

It also leaves us the problem of having too many good forwards. I mean, trading Bobby Ryan for even more extra forwards is what caused that in the first place. And signing Penner for 2 million a year when Brunner only wants a little more than that is going to drive me crazy all season if we don't get Brunner. He's much better than Penner in my opinion, actually has top line potential. Sort of plays like Kyle Palmieri actually just further along.

Anyway Bob Murray please make this happen. And the extra forwards is actually a nice problem to have. Most NHL teams like carrying more than the minimum roster anyway, they like having some healthy scratches, plus having extra forwards means we can always trade some and recoup some late draft picks, just another bonus. Penner could get us a 2nd at the deadline, Beleskey who knows maybe similar since a lot of teams overvalue grit.

Just make it happen Bob. And then for the love of god trade for a top pairing defenseman, we sure have the assets with two 1st round picks next year and the deepest prospect pool I can remember. So many trade chips. It's been almost a decade it feels like since we actually traded prospects and picks for a star impact player to help the team win right away. Too long. The time has come. Start with Brunner and Teemu to stack the forward lines and give us four scoring lines to obliterate everyone else like the Blackhawks last season except even faster and deeper, and then use some of the assets we've stockpiled to go get that #1 or #2 defenseman.

Preemptive writer's note to address the "I'd rather have Grabovski" comments in advance: I like Grabovski as well, but it sounds like he's going to cost more than Brunner to sign, and since I believe Brunner is actually better than Grabovski, that's why I'm suggesting the better, cheaper player instead of the worse, more expensive player. But I'd definitely be happy with Grabovski at a good price. And yes I know he's a center. But like Peter Holland, he's not really a defensive center or two-way center or anyone who would shut down the physical scoring lines of our division, and since we already have Peter Holland, and I'm a big believer in Holland's talent and that he will breakout this season, that's just another reason I want Brunner more than Grabovski. I think Holland is going to prove to everyone this season that he's already better offensively than Grabovski, and since he's also bigger than Grabovski, which gives him an advantage matching up against Joe Thornton and Anze Kopitar, and cheaper, I'd just rather sign Brunner and actually give Holland a chance to prove what I already know he can do than not sign Brunner, and sign Grabovski instead, and have Grabovski take all of Holland's ice time.

The way I see it, if Holland is already better than Grabovski, then even if we sign Grabovski, we're just going to get worse because he's going to take Holland's spot, which is a downgrade for us if Holland is better. But if we sign Brunner, Holland gets to keep his spot, so we get better on both fronts. Now, I know most disagree that Holland is better since he didn't produce much last season, but that's because he didn't get any ice time. Go check out that one game against San Jose where we won 5-3 or something like that. It was the one game where Corey Perry was suspended and someone else was also out so he actually got to play on a scoring line with Emerson Etem and I think Selanne, and that line had like three goals in the game, including Etem's first goal, and Holland was everywhere. Watch that game over and come back here and I think you might agree with me that Grabovski taking Holland's spot actually isn't a help to us at all. Signing Brunner is.

Now, if we can sign Grabovski but Holland still gets to play like 15 minutes a night on the 3rd line, with scoring wingers, on a scoring 3rd line, or something like that, then I'd still endorse that. Of course, where does Saku go then? Maybe Holland would have to move to the wing. It just gets more complicated and it cuts Holland's ice time which I'm not in favor of. Adding Brunner is much simpler and he's the better, probably cheaper player anyway in my opinion, so let's get him.

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