Takeaways: Second Period Explosion

Jeff Gross

Lots of goals in the period of the long change.

1. There's something about that second period. The following chart documents all goals scored for and against the Ducks in 2014, which as of this writing is six games.

Period Goals For Goals Against
1 4 7
2 14 2
3 5 4
OT 1 0
Total 24 13

It goes without saying to most who are reading this that the Ducks won all six of those games. This, despite trailing in four of them. The fact that more scoring occurs in the second period than in either other period across the NHL has been well documented, and the consensus is that this has a lot to do with the long change required because each team's bench is on the "wrong" side during the second.

I was curious about how many of these second period goals were scored when the other team hadn't changed in a long time, so I reviewed the goals and recorded the circumstances in which they were scored. It turns out that six of the Ducks' 14 middle frame goals were scored when the opponent's defensive pairing had been on the ice for more than 40 seconds. Four of those six came at even strength, one was shorthanded, and one was a power play goal. Take away those six goals, and the Ducks still outscore their opponents 8-2. Make of that what you will.

2. This may well be old news by the time you read it.

My take: Give the captain as much time as he needs to heal, and then some. This team is not desperate for points in the standings, so a few games of Mathieu Perreault, Nick Bonino, Saku Koivu, and Daniel Winnik as the four men down the middle isn't the worst thing in the world.


Wary as I am about playing Getzlaf too early, I trust that the coaching staff knows what they're doing.

3. Here are some facts that are awesome: Three of the Ducks' five goals against the Coyotes came from defensemen 22 years of age or younger. Jonas Hiller's 14 game win streak in tied for the 2nd longest in NHL history, three shy of the record. The Red Wings scored zero goals in their only game at Honda Center this season. If St. Louis wins all four of their games in hand, they will be tied with the Ducks for the league lead. They are the only team that can tie the Ducks with games in hand. Next week is huge. Games against Vancouver and at Chicago and St. Louis.

4. Plenty of folks on the Rangers' side of things aren't too eager to see Dan Girardi leave town. The Blueshirts have won three in a row and are 7-2-1 in their last ten games, currently holding down a playoff position. Check out the conversation over at Blueshirt Banter. Specifically, here.

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