Respect: Have the Ducks earned it yet?



With a short, yet successful run as a team, have the Anaheim Ducks earned the respect of the League, and its fans?

Top of the League? Check. First to win the Stanley Cup in California? Check. The Finnish Flash? Check. Okay, so maybe singling Teemu Selanne out of all the great players on the Ducks is a stretch. Who am I kidding, it’s not. What do the Ducks need to do to deserve the respect of the league?

I was in a recent discussion with some /r/hockey users on starting a blog, and one of the things that I brought up was that articles should keep bias to a minimum, and I find it quite amusing that I write my first post with, well, bias.

Over the past couple of years of following the aforementioned subreddit, I’ve noticed a trend in hate for the Ducks. Is it because they hate our success? Is it because they just hate us? A norm that you will hear in Game Day Threads, or Trash Talk threads being: F**KTHEDUCKS (It rhymes with Truck), which hasn’t died down with the recent success that the Anaheim Ducks organization has had. I’ll be honest, I used to get annoyed by it, now, I shrug it off as a Love to Hate us quote. Would I like it to go away? Yes. Will it? No.

An entertaining conversation also ensued a couple years back with a friend of mine, who happens to be a Montreal Canadiens fan; I asked him, "What do the Anaheim Ducks need to do to win your respect, as a Hockey team?" His reply was jaw dropping, and I spent quite a bit of time attempting to discern whether or not he was serious, I never got an answer on whether or not he was. His reply? "Win 5 Cups in a row."

Now, obviously, in the current league, that feat is near impossible to attain. Heck, the Blackhawks have won two Stanley Cup wins in five years. They’re a great team, I won’t lie. But they struggled on even getting a repeat, and pulled off in three seasons; what only the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins have been able to do since the 1990’s. We’re a great team also, but five Stanley Cup wins in five years?

How about being the first Californian team to win the Cup twice? How about, the Pacific Division title, the President's Trophy, a Hart Trophy for Ryan Getzlaf, and the Stanley Cup all in one season?

I’m curious as to whether the Anaheim Ducks winning the awards above all in one season may change his thought process on respecting our team as a real Hockey club and not just thinking of us as a southern team "Where Hockey shouldn’t exist."

Also, I’m genuinely interested to hear the thoughts of other fans here, on how the Anaheim Ducks can win the respect of the other teams and fans of the league. Thanks for reading my first post, I look forward to contributing more here.

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