Centered: A Focus look at Pacific Div Center Production

As the title states, the point of this fanpost is to take a look at the production three of the most recognized teams in the league and how they stack up at the center position. I am under the impression that though we really bemoan the Ducks' apparent inadequacies at center that this season, we have gotten center play that is on par with any team that should be considered a contender for the Stanley Cup.

Let's look at the numbers:

LA (26th in Goal Scoring, 177GF)

1st Kopitar 22 38 60

2nd Richards 11 30 41

3rd Stoll 7 18 25

4th Fraser 0 2 2

*LA Centers scored 40 of the 177GF

*LA Centers have recorded 128 total points

*LA Centers had 252 man games played combined

SJ (7th in Goal Scoring, 220GF)

1st Thornton 11 60 71

2nd Couture 20 28 48

3rd Pavelski 37 35 72

4th Desjardins 2 13 15

*SJ Centers scored 70 of the 220GF

*SJ Centers have recorded 206 total points

*SJ Centers had 282 man games played combined

ANA (3rd in Goal Scoring, 232GF)

1st Getzlaf 30 50 80

2nd Perrault 17 21 38

3rd Bonino 19 27 46

4th Koivu 9 16 25

*ANA Centers scored 75 of the 232GF

*ANA Centers have recorded 189 total points

*ANA Centers had 255 man games played combined

I know there are some issues with this analysis, namely certain players getting PP time, playing minutes as a winger, injuries, revolving 4th line centers, etc. However, what I hope the data hints at is that this Ducks team is basically getting very even production from every line and every player. ANA Centers contributed more goals while playing less games than the SJ (and only 3 more than LA). They also contributed less of the total points for the team than SJ which to me hints at more even scoring distributed through the other positions. Also, the 3rd and 4th point getters at the position for the Ducks eclipse the production of SJ and LA's 3rd and 4th scorers at the position.

Anyways, I just thought it might be a nice thing to see. I agree with most here that our centers after Getzlaf are pretty uninspiring to the eye, but with the amount of production I am ok if they are the less "sexy" pick and still big on results.

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