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Murray was on the Travis Rodgers show earlier today. If you can't stand Murray's voice or the 14min it takes to listen then here is a brief run down of what was said (I'm going to paraphrase, these are not exact quotes unless in quotation marks):


There are 1 or 2 guys every year you target and try to get....this year there were 2 things we were trying to accomplish through free agency....we are looking at teams who overspent and are in cap trouble, it will be interesting to see what they do....[Murray] overspent his internal budget in Chicago, and regretted it. Mentioned how he doesn't want to do that again....UFAs are "pieces of the puzzle"....didn't like how the free agent interview period was so close to/during the draft. Felt like he didn't get enough time with his amateur scouts because of it....trying to build this franchise like the Red Wings/Devils, through great drafting/player development.....named dropped Marchant and others, gave tons of praise to everyone in the org.


Kesler was brought in to relieve pressure from Getz/Perry....needed a player to anchor a 2nd line that could rival the top line, make opponents try and focus on 1 allowing the other to flourish.


Travis Rodgers brings up Stoner's quote about fighting and drools about how great fighting is....Murray saw Stoner when he was playing in Juniors, thought he was tough but he sees him starting to make consistent outlet passes, and better understanding/awareness of how to get the puck out of the zone....Big guys take longer to develop, feels like Stoner is hitting his stride right now....They identified him during the year as someone they might want to bring in....While watching MIN play CHI in the playoffs he though Stoner was really good, and Murray said "thats our guy"....Stoner was Plan A.


"We lost him, he's just done".... Stoner was brought in to replace Souray's intimidating presence on the ice.


Talked to Ritchie at the camp earlier this week, told him he needs to work on his conditioning and trim the "baby fat"....If he shows he's ready, the team will make room for him (like Fowler), but its on Ritchie to prove it.....Hoping Ritchie makes the World Junior Canadian team (Theodore too).


Loved the team's "never say die attitude" and how they never quit...."Scared" by the team's defensive lapses and getting behind early in games....There is still a ways to go, but feels like the team is making steps....Was hoping they took a bigger step like they did in 05-06 season....wants the team to be harder to play against, hoping that Kesler and Stoner are a step in the right direction.

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