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GameThread: Ducks @ Sens, Andersen vs. Anderson

Agent Smith would love this game!

The Best of Twitter: The Dustin Penner Edition

The Best of Twitter returns with an entire segment dedicated to free-agent acquisition and Twitter Extraordinaire Dustin Penner, who apparently could bust trolls for a living if he wasn't playing NHL hockey.

Ducks/Sens Preview: Getting Back on Track

The Ducks haven't looked great of late, what do they need to do to get back to their winning ways? Hopefully the answer isn't play back home in Anaheim, because there's a long road ahead still.

Ducks Lose Second Straight, 4-1 to Montreal

Aside from a few shifts at the end of the second and beginning of the third, the Ducks looked pretty awful. Conspiracy theory: They know most people only ever watch them when they're playing in the East, and they secretly don't want to make the Olymp


GameThread: We Need 23 More Cups

It would be cool if Saku Koivu scored. It would be way cooler if the Ducks won. It would be the coolest if they won and nobody got injured.

Kid Ish's Pizzametrics, Week 3

The goal of the pizza is to be eaten. The goal of the puck is to be scored with. This is a metaphor.

Duck Tales: Let's Keep Our Composure

And not give [insert young Montreal Canadiens star here] a hat trick.

Ducks @ Canadiens Preview: Time For a New Streak

The Canadiens' not-too-intimidating 5-4-0 record masks the fact that they are top six in both goals scored and goals allowed. They wouldn't mind too much if Saku Koivu did some damage, would they?

Garbutt Suspended 5 Games for Hit on Penner

Not that it actually affects the Ducks in any way at this point, but Ryan Garbutt got the Shanahammer to the tune of five games for knocking Dustin Penner unconscious on Sunday. Five games for a player with no history is pretty serious. (Gar)but it's justified (I'll see myself out) considering that he charged from just inside the blue line, and launched himself directly into Penner's cranium. Also of note, five games is the maximum that Garbutt could be suspended without being subject to an appeal.

Season Long Road Trip Starts with 4-2 Loss

After an intensely boring first period, the Ducks looked like they were in good shape to keep their winning streak alive, but four unanswered goals from the Leafs (including a Phil Kessel hat trick) put the kibosh on that.

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