Armchair GM

Takeaways: If You Forgot What Losing Feels Like

The Ducks dropped three of their four games, all of which were at home. That 126-point season they were on pace for wasn't going to happen anyway, best to get rid of that illusion now.

Kid Ish's Pizzametrics: Possessing the Score

I thought the outdoor game at Dodger Stadium was good, except did they sell any pizza there because if not then I mean, pfft, what's the point?

Hawk Thought: Big US Omission In Net A Big Mistake

Jonathan Quick, Ryan Miller, and Jimmy Howard are apparently the goalies for the US in Sochi. But all three of them have spent this season in the large shadow of the NHL's current top performing American goalie Ben Bishop.

Takeaways: Checking Out the Checking Line

Saku Koivu, Andrew Cogliano, and Daniel Winnik are getting the job done, and it is a pleasure to watch.

The Olympic Watch: Finland

Next up on the Olympic Watch--The native land of the legendary Finnish Flash

Takeaways: A One-Line Team Again

The Ducks' secondary scoring that was expected to be so reliable has completely evaporated, and just in time for a string of games against the best teams in the league.

Takeaways: A Long-Expected Power Play

The extra man unit and Ryan Getzlaf each scored four goals in a two-game stretch. This team looks scary good.

Murray "Made Sure We're Not Too Deep on Defense"

Trying to get inside the head of GM Bob Murray is a dangerous thing.

Koivu Takes Discount And Signs One Year Extension

In not-Bobby Ryan trade news, one Finn down, possibly one more to go?

Free Agency Open Thread: Rent Is Too Damn High

The Ducks have no money to spend unless they pull off a massive trade. Only one person can put this in perspective: Jimmy McMillan.


Looking for a Center on the Free Agent Market

It's the same old story since the Andy McDonald trade: Who will center the second line? One possible answer is Nick Bonino. The UFA market may provide another.

Duck & 29 Trades, Part III: Northeast Division

It's time to look at potential deals with the Northeast Division where the introduction of Tyler Seguin rumors has made things interesting.

Should the Anaheim Ducks Trade Bobby Ryan?

Kyle takes a stab at the questions surrounding Bobby Ryan that seem to rear their heads every summer.

Surprise! Lovejoy Not-Not Signs 3 Year Contract

After saying they wouldn't be re-signing Ben Lovejoy, the Ducks sign Ben Lovejoy to a $3.3M, three-year contract.

Ducks & 29 Trades, Part II: Southeast Division

The Southeast division gets the trade treatment and the trades are getting more intense. There are some good players the Ducks can claim if they have the courage to deal.

Ducks & 29 Trades, Part One: Atlantic Division

The Ducks are going to have to make moves this summer. Here's the first set of 29 possible deals they can make.

Ducks At The Trade Deadline Post-Mortem

The NHL Trade Deadline has come and gone, and the landscape looks just a little bit difference. What do the moves made around the league mean for the Ducks?

Deadline To Do List: Trade Bobby Ryan?

Bob Murray could finally go for that exorbitant price for Bobby Ryan he's always wanted, and the Ducks might be able to unload salary and pick up offense at the deadline. Murray will have to be creative.

TradeCenter 2013 Open Thread: Trade Deadline Eve

Welcome to the open forum to discuss all the trade deadline happenings around the National Hockey League.

Armchair GM: Thoughts on Derek Roy Trade Rumors

The latest in Kyle Nicolas' "Armchair GM" series takes a look at the rumors surrounding Dallas Stars center Derek Roy, who TSN's Pierre LeBrun tabbed as a potential deadline target for the Anaheim Ducks.

Armchair GM: Yea or Nay to Mike Ribeiro?

This series takes a look at some potential trade targets for the Ducks to spruce up their roster for a deep and meaningful playoff run. In this edition: Washington Capitals' center Mike Ribeiro and the possibility of him coming to Anaheim.

Armchair GM: Iginla-Ryan-Selanne? Iggy-Perry-Getz?

The Anaheim Ducks could be a big buyer at the trade deadline, and soon-to-be-free-agent Jarome Iginla could be a potential target if they want to make a deep run into the postseason.

Burke Hired As Part-Time Scout

The Ducks bring back a really, really familiar (and dare we say, truculent) face to be a pro-scout. Yet another unexpected move in the 2013 season.

Kicking the Tires on Setoguchi

Devin Setoguchi is reportedly being shopped by Minnesota and he could be an interesting solution for the Ducks

Response to Article 'In Defense of Bob Murray'

In response to an article supportive of Bob Murray's tenure blaming inherited contract issues as the real problem, Daniel disputes the argument by focusing on those contracts.

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