Player Rankings Game 7: So It Goes


The final game of the first ever Freeway Faceoff playoff series served as the last of the Ducks season. Find who and what were the plusses and minuses in the 2013-14 finale.

Ducks Don't Show Up for Game 7, Lose 6-2


Let's get the f***ing bullsh** recap of this f***ing bullsjh** game over with.



The Ducks say goodbye to Teemu Selanne (and possible Saku Koivu) after losing Game 7.


GameThread: Kings at Ducks, GAME 7

This one is for all the proverbial marbles, as well as a good amount of pride.

Kings at Ducks Preview: Do or Die... Literally


Everyone knew this series was going to be close and many people picked the series to go all the way to seven games. Well after the Ducks laid a fat egg in game six, the hockey world got its wish.

Playoffmetrics, Round Two: Game Six


The Ducks had a strong push at the end of the game, but a better showing from the top guys early on could have prevented its need.

Player Rankings of Anaheim's Dismal Game 6


A goalie's job is to give you a chance, did John Gibson do that tonight?

Missed Opportunity


Let's just be honest...There was only one way the Battle of California was going to a Game 7.

#GameSix #PDOitOrange


The Ducks lose, but at least you won't miss half of the first period of Game 7, unless you have a job or something stupid like that.


Game 6 Thread: Close. It. Out.

The Anaheim Ducks have a chance to finish off this series, but it will be on the road.


Game 6 Preview: On the Cusp


The Ducks got here somehow, with the help of skill, heart, and a bit of luck--but here we are...3-2 on the series.

Mini Pod: On Location at Game 5


Eric and Chris met up for a mini podcast outside the Pond after Game 5.

Game 5 Player Rankings


Devante Smith-Pelly leads the Ducks with two goals in Anaheim's victory over the Kings, taking a 3-2 series lead in the second round of the playoffs.



The Anaheim Ducks exploded for three goals in the second period, but in typical fashion sat on their lead and gave everyone watching a heart attack because OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD WILL SOMEBODY...

#GameFive #GibsonIsStillGreat


The Ducks avoid pulling a Game 1 and win Game 5 by a score of four to three.


Game 5 Thread: Back on Home Ice

The Anaheim Ducks are back at the Honda Center looking for the series' first home ice victory.

Game 5 Preview: Best of Three


Back on even grounds, the Ducks will try to find the series' first home ice victory.

The Gibson Game: Player Rankings v.2.4


The Ducks return to Honda Center with the series tied after winning an extremely incomplete game.

Ducks Grab Early Lead, Hold on to Tie Series


I'm tempted not to even write a recap and just let you read Game 2 and reverse everything. but that's not quite accurate.

#GameFour #Gibson #CamAmerica


John Gibson earned his first playoff win in shutout fashion against the Kings at Staples Center.


Ducks @ Kings Game 4 Thread

The Ducks look to level the series, like Matt Beleskey leveled Drew Doughty, before heading back to Anaheim for Game 5.

Pivotal Game 4 Preview


I can't really say the Ducks are back in the series yet, but they can make it so by regaining home ice advantage tonight, while a loss here would be just as devastating as having dropped Game 3.

Game 3 Player Rankings Accentuate the Positive


The Ducks avoid falling into a chasm against the Kings, thanks to big contributions throughout the roster.

Game 3 Recap: A Game We Couldn't Lose


The Ducks went into this must-win game with confidence and faith that they could pull this off. And they did just that.

#GameThree #LOVE #JOY


The Ducks built a two-goal lead late and survived a stick malfunction to win Game 3. Some NSFW language/visuals


GameThread: Ducks at Kings Game 3

The Anaheim Ducks are in Los Angeles to take on the Kings in a win-or-else Game Three, where they want to desperately avoid going down into a 3-0 hole.

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