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Vat-Man Returns!


Sami Vatanen has Re-Signed with the Ducks for two years at $1.26M per.

Duck Tales: An "A" For The Offseason?


The folks at USA TODAY seem to think that this offseason has been a success for the Ducks. Agree or disagree?

Podcast: Questionable Free Agency


Weeks after the high of the Kesler trade, Chris, Kyle and Eric puzzle over the subsequent moves by General Manager of the Year, Bob Murray.

Palmieri by the Numbers


What does Kyle Palmieri do for/to the Ducks? In chart form.

Dany Heatley's Contract: What Does It Mean?


Taking a look at the newest Duck and what he could bring (positive or negative) to the club this year.

Puck Polemics: On The Stoner Signing


For argument's sake, Anaheim's signing of Clayton Stoner may not be as bad as some fans have been making it out to be. While we can't truly judge until he puts on a Ducks jersey, it's worth looking...

Ducklings in Action


Ducks fans got their first chance to see the draft picks from last weekend in action as well as some of the other prospects coming up through the system yesterday. Here are a few thoughts I had on...

An Analysis of the Ducks Work During the Frenzy


The Ducks had a rough day on the first day of free agency. This post examines what they got and what it will mean for the team going forward.

LaBarbera joins the flock


Standard info on Jason LaBarbera

Quick review of Stoner signing.


Ducks sign Clayton Stoner.


Duck Tales: Free Agent Frenzy


Could the Ducks part ways with Mathieu Perreault today?

Anaheim Lands Ryan Kesler


The Ducks address a huge necessity in a big pre-draft trade with Vancouver.

Draft Thread: Looking to the Future


Your spot to discuss all the goings on in and around the draft on AC. Stay tuned for individual posts as the picks (and trades?) come in.

Duck Tales: Go To The Net, And I'll Make You Rich


Wise words from Ryan Getzlaf.

Duck Tales: Interview With The Getzlaf


Puck Daddy contributor (and former Anaheim Calling Managing Editor) Jen Neale interviewed Ryan Getzlaf at the NHL Awards. Plus: it's almost Draft Day

Duck Tales: Center Trade Next Week?


And does Ottawa want the 10th overall pick back?

Duck Tales: Compliance Buyouts, Unlikely


Plus: analysis of past drafts, more scintillating Spezza details, and Frederik Andersen's new mask.

Duck Tales: Big-Game Hunting


And the Spezza/Kesler plot thickens...

Duck Tales: More Trade Rumors!


Nick Bonino to the Ottawa Senators?

Duck Tales: Teemu Does Color Commentary


Plus some draftsanity!

AC Staff Prediction Challenge: Stanley Cup Final


The AC Staff has stopped their vomiting, sobbing, convulsing, and construction of voodoo dolls of the entire LA Kings lineup for a few minutes to throw down their last round of predictions. This...

Podcast: Stanley Cuuuuuuuughhhhhp Final


Chris, Kyle and Eric talk way more than they wanted to about the Kings Rangers match up in the Stanley Cup Final and some other stuff that is vaguely Ducks related.

Meanwhile: It's A Main Media Market Final


While Biggie and Tupac battled east coast-west coast in the 90's, for the first time in 33 years North American pro sports will see a New York-Los Angeles title series. Find out how the Rangers and...

Duck Tales: Some Trade Speculation and Nostalgia


Spezza? Kesler? Jiggy and Scotty.

Meanwhile, Out West: Kings (ugh) Also On The Cusp


It would appear that winning the state of California in the playoffs has empowered Los Angeles, who have taken control of the Western Conference Final against the defending Stanley Cup Champions....

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