Numbers for Nerds

St. Paddy's Podcast

Slightly sauced Eric and Chris talk to clean and sober Kyle about all kinds of stuff, but mostly hockey.

Advanced Stats Question Ducks' Playoff Ability

Adding fuel to the fire over the advanced stats debate, Puck Daddy's infamous Ryan Lambert takes a stab at the Ducks playoff survival chances through the lens of advanced statistics. In the past, Lambert has praised the Ducks for their work, and is an outspoken fan of Teemu Selanne, so right from the get-go do not assume he hates the Ducks. Before you either quickly dismiss him as yet another number-crunching nerd critic or sound the alarm as hail his predictions as prophecies, take a moment and consider everything with a grain of salt. While I personally think Lambert does make some great points about the Ducks in regards to their alarmingly declining possession numbers, it's also rather clear that some of the points seem a bit outlandish. Then again it's also obvious from some of the points he makes that he hasn't seen more than a small handful of Ducks games this season. Advanced stats are just numbers, and interpretation from them are not necessarily correct. They are a tool for explaining what has happened, not a tell-all as to what will happen.


GameThread: Ducks @ Kings

The Southern California rivals meet for the first time since the Stadium Series at Dodger Stadium with the teams in vastly different situations.

Ads Stat-urday: No Time to Sleep On The Job

A string of losses or a run of wins by divisional opponents can quickly end the Admirals' bid for a post-season berth.


GameThread: Anaheim Redemption

Redeem yourselves, Anaheim Ducks and play some professional hockey.

P-Mets: All Out of Pizza

The pizza pie has been consumed, here's what's left.


GameThread: Ducks @ Flames

One of those games you're just supposed to win


GameThread: Leafs @ Ducks

Despite firing Randy Carlyle, I fully expect the team to play him a smallish video tribute, and I will barf all the barfs I can barf the whole time.

Admirals Stat-urday: Temporary Amnesia

The Admirals' have proven they can beat the better teams in the league, but for some reason can't get motivated to play the worst ones.


Game Thread: Penguins @ Ducks

The No.1 team in the West faces the No.1 team in the East at Honda Center.

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