Anaheim Calling's playoffs articles.

AC Staff Prediction Challenge: Stanley Cup Final


The AC Staff has stopped their vomiting, sobbing, convulsing, and construction of voodoo dolls of the entire LA Kings lineup for a few minutes to throw down their last round of predictions. This...

Podcast: Stanley Cuuuuuuuughhhhhp Final


Chris, Kyle and Eric talk way more than they wanted to about the Kings Rangers match up in the Stanley Cup Final and some other stuff that is vaguely Ducks related.

Meanwhile: It's A Main Media Market Final


While Biggie and Tupac battled east coast-west coast in the 90's, for the first time in 33 years North American pro sports will see a New York-Los Angeles title series. Find out how the Rangers and...

Meanwhile, Out West: Kings (ugh) Also On The Cusp


It would appear that winning the state of California in the playoffs has empowered Los Angeles, who have taken control of the Western Conference Final against the defending Stanley Cup Champions....

Handshake Line: The Kings Stand Alone


Heigh-ho, the derry-o...

Handshake Line: Grumble Grumble Congrats Grumble


Anyone know knows me knows how much I absolutely despise the Los Angeles Kings. So needless to say, losing to them or giving them any credit at all is slightly less favorable than getting a root...

Pod of Shame


The AC Podcast crew touch on the crushing Game 7 defeat to the Kings, but try to look ahead at how to fix the issues going into future seasons.

Handshake Line: Kudos to the Kings


Fans on both sides will remember this series for a long time to come. The Kings showed up to play in Games Six and Seven, and that was the difference.

Handshake Line: The Rivalry Begins


A true rivalry has begun now that there has finally been a playoff series between the Ducks and Kings.

Handshake Line: Reinvented Rivalry


Thought the hatred between the Ducks and Kings reached its peak when both teams finally got really, really good at the same time? Think again!


Handshake Line: Living In Epochal Times


Sometimes it's of benefit to take a look to the past and realize the uniqueness of the modern time. While the Ducks came up short, they did so against the greatest team the Los Angeles Kings have...

Playoffmetrics, Round Two: Game Seven


The Ducks got beyond the first round and gave one of the best possession teams in the league a real run! Chins up, kids.

AC Staff Prediction Challenge 2014: Round Three


It's tough to continue to care after your team gets knocked out, but we here at AC will keep pushing forward to be the best playoff series predictor on staff.... which isn't saying much really.

Player Rankings Game 7: So It Goes


The final game of the first ever Freeway Faceoff playoff series served as the last of the Ducks season. Find who and what were the plusses and minuses in the 2013-14 finale.



The Ducks say goodbye to Teemu Selanne (and possible Saku Koivu) after losing Game 7.


GameThread: Kings at Ducks, GAME 7

This one is for all the proverbial marbles, as well as a good amount of pride.

Kings at Ducks Preview: Do or Die... Literally


Everyone knew this series was going to be close and many people picked the series to go all the way to seven games. Well after the Ducks laid a fat egg in game six, the hockey world got its wish.

Playoffmetrics, Round Two: Game Six


The Ducks had a strong push at the end of the game, but a better showing from the top guys early on could have prevented its need.

Player Rankings of Anaheim's Dismal Game 6


A goalie's job is to give you a chance, did John Gibson do that tonight?

Missed Opportunity


Let's just be honest...There was only one way the Battle of California was going to a Game 7.

#GameSix #PDOitOrange


The Ducks lose, but at least you won't miss half of the first period of Game 7, unless you have a job or something stupid like that.


Game 6 Thread: Close. It. Out.

The Anaheim Ducks have a chance to finish off this series, but it will be on the road.

Podcast: What a Difference a Week Makes


After the doom and gloom of last week's podcast we have a much rosier disposition, but every silver lining has a dark cloud, and in this case it's sitting back on leads.

Game 6 Preview: On the Cusp


The Ducks got here somehow, with the help of skill, heart, and a bit of luck--but here we are...3-2 on the series.

Playoffmetrics, Round Two: Game Five


That game was an exciting as game one but with a better result. That's my official analysis, thanks for coming out!

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