Weekly podcasts on all things Ducks

Podcast: Questionable Free Agency


Weeks after the high of the Kesler trade, Chris, Kyle and Eric puzzle over the subsequent moves by General Manager of the Year, Bob Murray.

Podcast: All Bob Murray, All the Time


KESLERRRRRRRR!!!! Plus draft recap, plus looking at needs for the rest of the Summer.

Trying to Talk Hockey During the World Cup


blah,blah, blah... hockey, yada, yada... THE USA BEAT GAHNA!!!!!! blah, blah, more hockey stuff

Podcast: Stanley Cuuuuuuuughhhhhp Final


Chris, Kyle and Eric talk way more than they wanted to about the Kings Rangers match up in the Stanley Cup Final and some other stuff that is vaguely Ducks related.

Pod of Shame


The AC Podcast crew touch on the crushing Game 7 defeat to the Kings, but try to look ahead at how to fix the issues going into future seasons.

Podcast: What a Difference a Week Makes


After the doom and gloom of last week's podcast we have a much rosier disposition, but every silver lining has a dark cloud, and in this case it's sitting back on leads.

Mini Pod: On Location at Game 5


Eric and Chris met up for a mini podcast outside the Pond after Game 5.

Podcast: Rage and Emptiness


Dissecting the first two games of the Ducks/Kings series and the feelings of sheer rage and emptiness that they caused respectively.

Bonus Series Preview Podcast


Per twitter request the AC Podcast boys are back for a second helping this week to preview the Battle for So Cal beginning tonight between the Ducks and Kings.

Podcast: Basking in the Glory of Round One


and (some of us) cowering in fear of round two.


Pod: Beautiful End to a Beautiful (Regular) Season


Chris, Eric and Kyle look back at the final three games of the regular season, show massive love for Teemu and Jiggy as well as a look forward to the first round series against Dallas.

Podcast: Form vs. Function


Chris, Eric and Kyle discuss the Ducks' recent lackluster play against lower level opponents and whether they can turn it around in time for the playoffs.

Podcast of Fools


After a little bit of April Foolishness Chris, Eric and Kyle get into the Ducks' 3-0-1 stretch against Western Canadian teams, look ahead toward the possibility of winning the Pacific and a litany...

Pod: Norfolk Calling to the Hockey World


Chris talks to Scott Miller, of Admirals Stat-urday fame, about all things Norfolk.

Podcast: Is the Division Out of Reach?


Chris, Eric and Kyle discuss the possibility of the Ducks reclaiming the Pacific Division title, Andersen in net for the playoffs and hockey superstitions among other things on this week's podcast.

St. Paddy's Podcast


Slightly sauced Eric and Chris talk to clean and sober Kyle about all kinds of stuff, but mostly hockey.

Podcast: Quality vs. Quantity


This week Chris, Eric and Kyle reflect on the Ducks lack of large name acquisition at the trade deadline and subsequent three game downswing. With the GMs discussions ongoing in Florida, the guys...

Podcast: Trade-Mageddon


This should have been a really short podcast, but Bob Murray got to work a day before the Trade Deadline and we got another two hour episode out of it.

Podcast: Post-Olympic Post Mortem


Eric, Kyle and Chris tried to keep it under two hours but to no avail, covering the knockout stages of the Olympics, the future of women's hockey, some Ducks trade deadline talk and, most...

Podcast: SoCal on Sochi


Chris, Eric and Kyle go over the preliminary round of Olympic play.

Podcast: Jeff Marek and HARDCORE Olympic Previews


Chris, Eric and Kyle talked forever about the Olympics and Chris got to interview Jeff Marek of Sportsnet. It's crazy long, but good stuff, trust us.

Podcast: Dissecting a Rare Slump


Chris, Eric and special guest Kyle talk about what's been ailing the Ducks in their current 4-5 stretch, talk a little Olympics and so much more for about two hours.

Podcast: Indoor Voices on Outdoor Hockey


What do you think we talked about on the pod this week?

Podcast: Slow Starts and Winning Streaks


Chris and Eric discuss the end of a winning streak and the start of a new one marked with a multitude of slow starts, not to mention some trade rumors and Olympic roster talk among many other...

AUDIO: Hawk Talks Ducks On Hockey Craze Radio


It seems every season the Ducks strong play catches the mostly east coast hockey media by surprise. Eric Evelhoch joined Hockey Craze Radio to discuss why the west coast has been the best coast...

Duck Talk with Puck Podcast's Doug Stolhand


Chris and Doug talk about all of the biggest issues in Ducks land this season as they presented themselves over the past two weeks of games.

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