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Punishing the Pugilists

DANIEL:Over the past few months, there have been a few injuries during fights, and one death. Hockey is frequently criticized for being too brutal. It is the only sport of the Major 4 (Baseball,...

Too Many Cooks in the Crease

DANIEL:Jonas Hiller's performance Sunday night against the Sharks and Jiggy's continued struggles have created an interesting situation. Jiggy's GAA has been over 3.00 for a few weeks now, his...

Beauch Back in Black?

DANIEL:A recent report in the OC Register has Beauchemin coming back, IF the Ducks make the playoffs. So here's what we're looking at: is Beauchy's return a good thing or a bad thing given the...

Sharks and Stripes

ARTHUR:I know I promised you guys would be stuck with me, the verbose one, for this month, but after a glowing recommendation from Earl Sleek at the Battle of California (Thanks Sleek!), we've...

9: A Problem Like Kariya

DANIEL:In the midst of all the personnel changes, one change might have flown under the radar: Bobby Ryan changed his number from 54 to 9. Perhaps not the worst thing in the world, but Kariya has...

Trimming The Playoff Tree

DANIEL:The playoff seeds are finally set and we have the Presidents' trophy winning Sharks, whom I hate. But the first round also features some intriguing matchups including the return of the...

Shooting The Messengers

ARTHUR:Daniel, how's the playoff beard coming?DANIEL:Stubbly. Scotty's putting me to shame.ARTHUR:That salt and pepper puts us ALL to shame. Alright. Down to business.Before the playoffs began, the...

Trimming The Playoff Tree 2: Bonsai Edition

DANIEL:So, the first round is over, and it's time to look at how we did. If Buccigross can admit his shortcomings, then we at Anaheim Calling can do the same. So let's do it, Arthur. Tell us what...

The Jig Is Up?

DANIEL:It's hard to be critical of Jonas Hiller, who has had a pretty impressive playoffs so far, but the Wings got to him in Game 4. They lit the lamp 5 times with Hiller between the pipes, and...

Another One For The Ages

**This was our CLS mini-blog post for today. We'll put up an Anaheim Calling exclusive post shortly**[Pavel's still mad about that hit in 2007]DANIEL:We have spent a lot of time talking about...

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