Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

Information on the NHL's Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Finnish Fortune Teller?


Teemu Selanne has played, er, will play his 20th NHL season, should it not be cancelled. The Finnish Flash doesn't believe cancellation is in the cards and the CBA negotiations will wrap up by Monday.

Too Many Men On The Ice: Ask for G-D Directions

Becca, a Washington Capitals fan and writer at Japer's Rink, has a little bit of advice for the men leading the CBA negotiations. For the love of God, ask for directions already

Too Many Men On The Ice by the ladies of SBN NHL


The ladies of SBNation's NHL hub are about to drop some knowledge on the men negotiating** the new CBA. (**They haven't held talks in over a week. Even when they do, they don't actually negotiate.)

Icepocalypse 2012: The Captain Speaks on Lockout


Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf speaks candidly about his thoughts various issues connected to the lockout and it ain't all sunshine and gumdrops.

Icepocalypse 2012: Beauch's Lockout Opinions


While at a charity event in Anaheim, Ducks defenseman Francois Beauchemin uncomfortably answers questions regarding the NHL lockout.

Icepocalypse 2012: Owners < Lindsay Lohan?


Hey, at least LiLo got paid for that crapfest Liz & Dick.

Icepocalypse 2012: Rage Against The (Ice) Machine


As the Festivus season is upon us, we partake the years old tradition of 'Airing of Grievances'. Since much of our grief centers around hockey, a few of the writers decided to let the NHL and NHLPA...


Icepocalypse 2012: More Games Cancelled


The NHL has cancelled games through Dec. 14th and the All-Star weekend. WHY GOD?! First you take away games! Now useless competition in Columbus! WHYYYY??

Track NHL Players During The Lockout


Where are players finding ice time during the lockout? Stalk/Track your favorite players with Esri's interactive map, brought to you by Anaheim Calling

Ducks Games Cancelled Through Nov 1: BOS, MTL, TOR


Had the Ducks been playing this week, they would be taking a trip back east. Two of the three teams are Canadian. One of the teams has a coach that hasn't faced his former club since taking over...

Lockout Conspiracy Theory: Blame Minnesota


Minnesota Wild owner Craig Leipold is crying poor after signing two players to massive contracts. Could Leipold be the one keeping the NHL from compromising with the PA?

NHLPA Counters NHL Plan, Bettman's head explodes


Hope no one got the jerseys out of the closet. The two sides are far apart - again. This time it's on the players.

Per McKenzie: Fehr's Letter To Members of NHLPA


Bob McKenzie of TSN obtained the letter sent by Donald Fehr to the members of the NHLPA regarding the NHL's proposal on Tuesday.

Complete NHL CBA Proposal


Directly from the NHL, the wording of the CBA offer given to the NHLPA.

NHLPA to Counter NHL's Offer in 24-48 hrs


The Union has finished informing their constituents of the details in the NHL's proposal. Per Darren Dreger, NHLPA is likely to counter in 24-48 hours.

Bettman Speaks, We Must Listen (Transcript)


A transcript of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman's press conference following the submission of a new CBA proposal to the NHLPA.

NHL Offers NHLPA 50/50 HRR Split In New Deal


It looks like the owners don't like losing hundreds of millions of dollars while their product has an extended off-season. The NHL offered a new deal to the NHLPA today and the union will discuss...

He Hate Me- NHL Games Cancelled Through Oct. 24th


We've been cancelled. Just like all of Matthew Perry's TV shows after Friends.

If Teemu Selanne Is Angry, You Know Things Are Really Bad


We found the one person that could piss Teemu Selanne off and its Gary Bettman. The Finnish superstar unleashes his opinions on the CBA, the lockout, and Mr. Bettman.

Your Friendly Weekend Links Roundup: The Countdown Clock Edition


Meet the Anaheim Calling Doomsday Clock counting down to the NHL lockout. We added some links to get you even more riled up.

Could A Lockout Impact Teemu Selanne's Future?


If the NHL shortens its season due to CBA negotiations, how will that impact 42 year-old Anaheim Duck Teemu Selanne?

Examining the Owners' Initial Proposal to the NHLPA


Daniel reviews the NHL owners' initial offer to the NHLPA and how it could possibly impact the Anaheim Ducks.

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