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'16-'17 Best & Worst

Ducks vs Predators Game 5 BEST/WORST: Outworked

Anaheim now faces elimination Monday

Ducks @ Predators Game 3 BEST/WORST: Anaheim Could Be In Trouble

Anaheim traded a bad start for a bad finish in Game 3

Ducks vs Oilers Game 7 BEST/WORST: Yeaaaaaa (Ritch) Boiiiiiii

Exorcised The Demons, Keanu Reeves style

Ducks vs Oilers Game 2 BEST/WORST: Outplayed, Didn’t Outscore

Anaheim dominated last night, but weren’t able to get the scoreboard to reflect their play

Game 2 - Ducks vs Flames BEST/WORST: Off the Skate and On the Board

Ryan Getzlaf’s passing scored a goal. By itself.

Ducks vs Kings BEST/WORST: The Eulogy Of LA

A quick look at the final game plus a roasting of the Kings

Ducks vs Flames BEST/WORST: We Are All Josh Manson

Perhaps the craziest game of the season...

Ducks @ Blackhawks BEST/WORST: Cue the Dagger

Bernier comes up clutch

Ducks vs Kings BEST/WORST: Great Wall of Gibson

Maybe Trump should talk to this guy


Bad title pun, great game though.

Ducks vs Lightning BEST/WORST: Getzlaf, Getzlaf, Getzlaf

Say his name three times and he doesn't give the puck up in OT

Ducks v. Flyers KESLER/WORST: Yeah, It Was That Bad

New Year, Same Problems

Ducks @ Canucks BEST/WORST: 3v3 OT Is Still A Thing

Hopefully Anaheim can leave these overtime troubles back in 2016.

Ducks vs Hurricanes BEST & WORST: The First Line Wakes Up

Hurricane ends Perry’s goal drought

Ducks @ Flames BEST/WORST: Ouch.

Calgary gave Anaheim a taste of their own medicine in their second meeting of the season.

Best and Worst: Heading to Canada on a Winning Streak

Rumor- Shea Weber eats poutine without gravy.

Best and Worst: Another Anaheim Ducks Heartbreaker

The Ducks have now lost three games in a row

Ducks vs Devils BEST & WORST: The Hot Stay Hot

Good Streaks Continue, Bad Streaks End

Best and Worst: Back on Top

The Ducks are now 5-0-1 against the Pacific Division.

Best and Worst: Bad Disguised As Good

This game was kind of weird.

Best and Worst: Too Much Cannon

What happens when Rakell doesn't score?

Best and Worst: Vermette Earns Double Time

Get it? Cause they bought him out

Best and Worst: Rak City Returns

Kind of wish Rakell would take a month off every season.

Best and Worst: Just Keep Winning

Can this be a redo of last year’s game 7, please?

Best and Worst: At Least We’re Not The Blackhawks PK

The discipline is an issue, but it could be much worse.

Best/Worst: Ducks Get First Win of the Year

Depth scoring shines through a myriad of penalties

Best and Worst: Party In The Sin Bin

If you don’t know what brought down the Ducks, then I can’t help you. But I’m going to try.

Best and Worst: There is Always Tomorrow

Bonino, come back

BEST AND WORST: Another First Game Loss

At least they didn't get shut out.


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