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Now With Cup Holders

Anaheim calling to the hockey world...

Ducks fans were treated to a 5-4 win against the Kings at the Ponda Center on Sunday night. But another interesting treat greeted fans taking their seats in the non-300 level: cup holders.

Daniel, are the new cup holders a noteworthy upgrade, or do they simply draw attention to the fact that the Pond has been living in the past since its construction?

I think I'm a little unimpressed with cup holders. I almost never use one, and the fact that our seats have pretty good leg room makes me feel confident in stashing my beer under the seat. Mostly, I can't believe it took so long to make this happen. It's cup holders for the love of Howe, not a seat warmer. I do wonder what made Ponda Center management suddenly decide that we need cup holders. I appreciate the many things the Ponda center does for me: convenient bathrooms, the brief relationship with Ruby's, not to mention the vast array of beer for the persistent shopper, but I can't wrap my mind around cup holders. Maybe in 1999 it would have been cool, but now every arena has them.

If the Ponda Center really wants to impress me, it needs to sign a food contract that can get me a burger, fries and a soda for less than $10. Or at least get rid of Rubio's. I hate Rubio's, and I miss Ruby's.

Once upon a time, if you had a car without a cup holder (and such a thing was possible despite the automobile cup holder's invention in the 1950s), you would just go into a gas station and buy that $1 plastic cup holder that hung from your car windowsill. And you WOULD buy it, because cup holders are logical in any place where consuming a beverage is not your primary concern. It's not luxurious or decadent; it's a cup holder!

I'll admit that I'm to blame for this ridiculous question, but as my elbow sank into the newly designed armrest, I remembered what it was like the first time we sat in the 300s. I actually remarked to you, "Dude! Cup holders!" The Pond had managed to convince me that storing your drink at arm level was a privilege, a status symbol and the dominant factor in the differential in ticket price. And now, they deign to distribute it to the masses.

I'm not saying it's bad; it's certainly good in all the ways that cup holders are good. Notably, you can have a sizable tray of food in your lap and reach for your drink laterally. And I'm not saying that it doesn't take SOME planning to implement. I mean, we saw a guy get his drink kicked onto the steps today. And as far as I'm concerned, the Staples Center cup holders in the upper levels put your drink in your neighbor's lap. But it's hard to call this an 'upgrade' in such a young building. Honestly, I'd grown accustomed to the inconvenience.