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Open Gameday Thread Wild/Ducks 7:00pm

Anaheim calling to the hockey world...

First, a big thanks to Sleek for the intro post, and thanks to the SBN family and community for such a warm welcome. We're glad to be here.

This is the obligatory open gameday thread. As we opened less than 24 hours ago, I don't expect too many Ducks fans and Ducks discussion on this thread, but feel free to prove me wrong or talk about non-Duck subject matter.

For anyone thinking about the game, this is obviously a chance for some much needed vindication after dropping a 3 goal lead to the Wild on October 6th. Due to injuries, Minnesota will be filling out the lineup with some AHL players, diminishing their chances of rallying back from a deficit. Though they will still have Brunette, who scored the game winner last week and scored the only Minnesota goal in the Ducks/Wild 2003 Western Conference Championship Series.

I haven' t seen a note on who's getting the start tonight. Feel free to post that here.