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Gameday Recap Thread Wild/Ducks 7:00pm


UPDATE.  12:57am  I forgot I had something to say about the game tonight.  To anyone who went to the game tonight, was Goldie, the Serta sheep sponsored by Bassett Home Furnishings, not the creepiest thing you've ever seen at the Pond?

To those who missed it, the Togo's blimp is no more (victim of the recession?), and the new sponsor has elected to wrap the old blimp in a giant inflatable sheep costume, complete with four dangling legs and a top heavy sheep's head whose eyes are always looking up.  I wasn't so much disturbed at the site of this thing floating around the Honda Center (though it was plenty disturbing) as I was at the site of it docking after it made its obligatory lap.  You see, due to its appendages and giant head, it cannot dock in the rafters.  It must instead launch from and return to the zamboni tunnel, where it is received by the Honda Center staff, who throw ropes around it and try to bring it down like a tribe of cavemen hunting a woolly mammoth.   Never thought I'd say this . . . but I miss Togo's. 


The Ducks avoided deja vu at the Ponda Center tonight as they held off the Wild in a 3-2 victory. Corey Perry led the way with 2 early goals, and Ryan Carter potted the eventual game winner in the first display this season of scoring chances up and down the four lines.

On special teams the Ducks seemed to trade Power Play efficiency for Penalty Kill success, as they were perfect on the kill, but came up empty with the man advantage.