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Condors @ Reign on Saturday


On Saturday I'll be headed to Citizen's Business Bank Arena in Ontario to see the Condors take on the Reign. The team won't be in town again until December 16, so this is a good chance to check out our AHL-stocked ECHL team. You might miss the Phoenix game (recently added to the KDOC schedule) or miss some Halloween shenanigans to be in Ontario, but you can sit on the glass for $40!-- though you should balance the joy of sitting on the glass against the shame of paying $40 to watch an ECHL game (and, incidentally, full disclosure, I won't be sitting on the glass).

I put together a quick chart of the players I'm looking forward to seeing and their performance so far. I threw in Justin Pogge's stats, though Pogge will likely be playing for the big boys on Saturday.

Anaheim Calling