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Open Gameday Recap Thread Canucks @ Ducks


The Ducks seemed to awaken from their slumber with a 7-2 victory over the Canucks.  Six Ducks had multi point games, including every member of the reunited RPG line.  The powerplay had a perfect 2 for 2 night, and after surrendering an early goal shorthanded, the Ducks killed the next three penalties. Surprisingly, the Ducks were only shorthanded 4 times, a great improvement.  Better still, the Ducks only gave up 2 goals, the smallest total since a victory over the Wildover 2 weeks ago.

There were still defensive mishaps, but Hiller seemed up to the task tonight, a trend we all hope continues. There were too many giveaways out high in the defensive zone and in the middle of the ice.  In the end, the spark provided by the fourth line early in the second period brought energy and fire back to the Ducks game. Now they just need to get a streak going.