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Open Gameday Thread Ducks @ Devils

Start: 4PM TV: PRIME TICKET Radio: AM830

Your Enemy: In Lou We Trust


Check this out from Rich Chere of the Star Ledger. Yes, that's a picture of Cap'n Scotty lifting the Cup in 2003 *pauses until nervous tick passes*, and yes, he did respond, "I think it's a possibility," to the prospect of joining Rob in New Jersey.

News of note for the game tonight? Brian Rolston may not play. News of note for the game on Saturday? The Red Wings claimed Drew Miller from waivers.

There's a robust game preview over at In Lou We Trust (far more info than you'll find here), and Sleek breaks down the Ducks season in five-game segments over at BoC.

The Ducks are promoting their first watch party of the season over at Oggi's on 1500 E. Village Way, Suite 2295 in Orange. Maybe you can bring in all the PPG-related coupons you've been hoarding, or maybe they'll just hand out free breadsticks if we score a PPG tonight? Not sure. Those in attendance should feel free to pop in and let us know how it works as there are six more Oggi's watch parties this season (though each will be held at a different location).

As Daniel and I discussed in the last post, this is an important road trip for the Ducks, even if it isn't do or die (though I still think it is). The Ducks are rested and playing-well. The former luxury they will have to do without for the rest of this trip. The latter? We'll see.

UPDATE: Dan Wood, in his interview with Giguere to clarify the netminder's recent statements to the LA Daily News, reports the Devils will honor their 2003 Cup team with the Ducks in the house tonight.

After the jump, Steve Carroll interviews the Ducks before the road trip.

Carlyle, Ryan, Brown Wisniewski and Selanne comment on the Ducks recent play and what they'll have to do on the road.