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Open Gameday Thread Ducks @ Red Wings

Start: 4PM TV: PRIME TICKET Radio: AM830

Your Enemy: Winging It In Motown


This week I said The Ducks needed 5+ points (i.e. points > 5 i.e. 6 or more) if they were going to use this road trip to get back on track. After losing in a shootout to the Blue Jackets, arguably their easiest opponent on this four-game stint, Anaheim has officially stayed off-track according to my arbitrary standards. They can, of course, still beat Detroit and Pittsburgh and take home 5 points, but I'm not holding out hope there. If they beat one of the two, they'll have accomplished an even split on this road trip-- nothing to jump up and down about, but probably enough to keep talking about just missing the playoffs and not about drafting Taylor Hall.

No news on who'll play tonight, yet, but feel free to link up the information in the comments. I'll try (TRY) to stop by and join the discussion (if there is a discussion), but it's fight night and I have pints and pints to drink before I sleep, and pints to drink before I sleep...