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Armchair Scout: Preliminary Reports From Central Scouting

Anaheim calling to the hockey world...

The 2010 Entry Draft, to be held in Los Angeles, is not so much a silver lining for this Ducks team as it is the focal point of an unavoidable rebuilding period.  Right now, the Ducks have a great pick and an additional First Rounder for good measure (and I'll thank Murray to keep his grubby hands off both of them and let this organization use them).  And so, today's Central Scouting report offers a little comforting news to a Ducks fan base that hasn't gotten a look at the top picks since the 2005 Draft Lottery.

The news?  Taylor Hall's coronation is officially on hold.

Plymouth's Tyler Seguin now tops the much hyped Hall in Central Scouting's OHL rankings.  Cam Fowler is still third, and the number of surprises across the board are few and far between (full Domestic rankings here, full International here).  However, a little confusion at the top of this year's class is definitely to the advantage of a Ducks team that won't finish last (damned Toronto) and will need to get Giguere a few wins to increase his trade value.

Of course, Martin Madden could still opt for size and grit in Kirill Kabanov over the standard skill players, just as he did with Holland over Schroeder, but for now, Ducks fans should feel good about the potential pick that comes with these heartbreaking losses.  And they should be praying for Cam Ward . . . every day.

And you know I couldn't leave without posting Central Scouting's NCAA rundown.  The Irish's Riley Sheahan has attracted the most scouting attention this year, but I refer you to the WCHA watch, where Wisconsin freshman defenseman John Ramage is listed as a player of note.  David McNab will probably have money to spend on NCAA free agents this offseason, but Ramage is the sort of player he might like to actually draft.