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Open Gameday Thread Sharks @ Ducks

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Start: 7:00PM TV: PRIME TICKET Radio: AM830

Your Enemy: Fear The Fin

Matt Vevoda, reporting for the Ducks website, says Wisniewski and Koivu hope to be available tonight. Eminger is still questionable, Carter is out and Lupul has lower body soreness. The team will probably be as surprised as we are by tonight's final lineup.

It's a--

Suddenly, James Wisniewski barrels into the Anaheim Calling studio [Editor's Note: but not really...]


Why are you always putting me down, man? You're talking about me like I'm Sheldon Brookbank.


I just don't see why you have to hobble back to the bench on every play. Are you made of gingerbread?


What? A guy can't get banged up blocking a shot or falling awkwardly into the boards, or tear his ACL while working out during preseason?

DANIEL chuckles off camera

WIZ (cont'd):

You want me to play hurt? I'll play hurt. You want me to play on one leg?


I want you to be a hockey player!


I AM a hockey player!!!!!!!

Studio security guards hold Wisniewski back.

WIZ (cont'd):

I'm a MAN!!! I block shots with my LUNG!!!!! I don't need my ACL's!!!! I'm a MAN!!!!

The security guards lift Wisniewski to carry him out of the studio, and the Ducks defenseman promptly tears both ACL's. The scent of freshly baked gingerbread fills the room.