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Open Gameday Thread Ducks @ Sharks

Next Game

Anaheim Ducks
@ San Jose Sharks

Thursday, Dec 17, 2009, 7:30 PM PST
HP Pavilion


Radio: AM830

Your Enemy: Fear The Fin

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Sleek's positivity continues over at BoC as the Ducks now sit ahead of Philadelphia, the drivers behind the wheel of Anaheim's other 2010 First Round draft pick. The Ducks bloggers' elder skatesman adds that to a dwindling playoff point gap as reasons to jump up and down singing Sweet Sue (or reasons not to hunch over the piano playing Marche Funebre).

And he's right. The team that lost Pronger is doing better than the team that added Pronger, and we're only a few wins out of 8th. But we were in a similar situation after a loss to the Senators four games ago, when Jiggy had a similar, 'we're not that far out' mentality on display. Of course, just 10 days later, this is a different team-- its point streakers are named Brookbank and Sexton rather than Getzlaf and Perry --but point inflation is running rampant in the NHL this year with something like 1 in 4 games going to OT. It's hard to say if three wins are still actually worth six points. Suffice to say, my positivity is on hold.

Per the OC Register, Carlyle says don't hold your breath on Lupul's injury estimate (the surgeon will put in the final word there) and Wiz gets some time off to deal with his stomach virus. The lineup figures to be the same as last game.

There is an official watch party at Kelly's Korner Tavern (909 E. Yorba Linda Blvd. in Placentia). If anyone goes, please stop by and try to convince us to do the same. Post any game info and lineup changes in the comments.

F all of our L's!