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Ducks waive Calder, Call up Bodie


Bob Murray is finally starting to make decisions that make sense...maybe. The Ducks waived Kyle Calder after fairly disappointing performances on the first and third lines. Calder couldn't produce offensively despite playing with the top two scorers in the Ducks' lineup for long stretches of time. He did have a willingness to go to the net and do work in the corners, but that didn't translate into any goals or any consistent offensive chances. It's not a surprise that Kyle would be on the outside looking in with the return of Ryan Carter, and the eventual return of Selanne in another week or so.

In a more surprising move, the Ducks called up Tory Bodie from the Toronto Marlies of the AHL. Bodie had 8 goals and 5 assists to go along with 56 PIM in 32 games with San Antonio of the ECHL and Toronto of the AHL. Bodie didn't have a productive stint with the Ducks last time and it's hard to imagine he'll be much better this time. He brings little to the table other than his 6'4", 215 lb. frame. He has a small scoring touch, but it seems like Murray is trying to get a little more muscle in the bottom 6 and start grinding down opposing defense