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Open Gameday Recap Thread Senators @ Ducks



The Ducks planned to wear down the Senators, who had one point to show for their five game road trip and were playing the Phoenix Coyotes 20 hours before coming into Honda Center.  Unfortunately, the grinding game didn't play out as Anaheim had planned.  The Ducks never held a lead, they gave away a goal on a bad turnover from behind their own net early and they bobbled a gift wrapped 5 on 3 opportunity, along with every other call the referees handed to the league's hottest power play at home.  They answered every time the Senators scored, but could only get one puck past Brian Elliott in the shootout.

Every Ottawa goal was caused by an Anaheim mistake, though not every Duck mistake made it to the scoreboard.  Still, the team gave a consistent effort through 60 minutes (though a proper cynic would see that as the most depressing part of all).   

I've got your postgame interviews after the jump.  Listen to why Jiggy thinks the Ducks are almost there...

Scrub over to 4:49 for interviews with Lupul, Perry and Giguere.  Interviews end at 6:03.  .