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Open Gameday Thread Stars @ Ducks

Next Game

Dallas Stars
@ Anaheim Ducks

Tuesday, Dec 8, 2009, 7:00 PM PST



Radio: AM830

Your Enemy: Defending Big D

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Dallas in December II: Electric Boogaloo. It's the second in the Ducks/Dallas December trilogy, this time at the Pond. ESPN Dallas asked me a few questions about tonight's game, and I obliged, but I should note that they edited out my credit to the Dallas Morning News. I guess you can't credit your competitors in the blogosphere.

According to the Register, the unthinkable, Parros scratched for a home game, could happen tonight, and we will likely see Jiggy between the pipes. Recently, a member of the press corps tried to dig around Carlyle's feelings on the 'you win, you're in' system, drawing the coach's ire but apparently unearthing the coaching staff's intentions.

Post any info and lineup changes in the comments.

F all of our L's!