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Open Gameday Recap Thread Stars @ Ducks


Ducks Win!!!! Feels like forever since I've said that.  The Ducks had an amazing comeback victory over the Stars.  J.S. Giguere made some great save to keep the Ducks close after they had fallen down 3-0.  Joffrey Lupul got the scoring going with a breakaway goal when the Stars forgot to pick him up when his penalty expired. After that rookie Dan Sexton strapped the team to his back and scored two goals in the third period.  The trade winds might be blowing in Anaheim soon, but a winning streak might calm them.  Three goals is the largest deficit the Ducks have ever overcome for a victory.  Hopefully, that type of epic comeback, as well as three goals from the second line, will be enough to get the team permanently moving in the right direction, instead of just teasing the fans with moments of brilliance.