T-Shirt Ideas?

Hello all,

There are plans in the works for SBN online stores, including one for this blog. We have to stock the store with product designs, so we're turning the question to you guys.

Obviously we're not at the point where we expect you guys to rock the Anaheim Calling t-shirt, though I think we will have one of those. But this is your opportunity to make a Ducks-related shirt, perhaps related to something we talk about on the site. McNab for GM? Wisniewski for skate sharpener? Legally, we can't use trademarks like 'Ducks,' copyrighted pictures or anyone's face, but there are clever ways to get your point across without those things.

What do you want to see on a Ducks shirt?

[Legal fine print: all ideas submitted below are posted with the intention of immediately transferring all intellectual property rights in the design to Anaheim Calling, SBN, its associates and assigns. User understands that any work invested in the final work product is considered, for all legal purposes, work for hire and User will not be entitled to compensation or intellectual property interest in the final product or profits thereof.]

This article is user-generated. It does not necessarily reflect the views of Anaheim Calling. Please do not link this article as representative of Anaheim Calling content or viewpoints . . . unless it's . . . ahem . . . really really good.

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