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Open Gameday Recap Thread Blues @ Ducks


The Ducks have won two games in a row, so I'm checking for cars when I cross the street.  Bobby Ryan continues to make Bob Murray  look stupid for waiting to give him an extension.  Bobby now leads the team with 20 goals, but is being closely followed by Matt Beleskey who scored for the second time in two games.  If you don't get the sarcasm, you haven't been following all season.  Still, the Ducks look like they might be able to roll two scoring lines for the first time since Lupul's back almost died.  Beleskey has had an impressive stay on the top line by following the Dustin Penner approach to playing with Getzlaf and Perry: go to the net and keep your stick down.

James Wisniewski scored, and it was one of about 3-5 things he did right all night.  Which is way above his season average. Todd Marchant also continued his campaign to score the most empty net goals in league history.  Jonas Hiller wasn't tested often, but still managed to be out of position for two St. Louis goals.  It's not very impressive beating an offensively depleted team that's sliding down the standings, but two points is two points.  Wonder if winning will continue or if the Ducks are just teasing us.